Topic: Professional Mariner Promatic 30-3 Batt charger

Ellaboat    -- Feb-9-2006 @ 5:41 PM
  Does anyone have a service manual or circuit diagram for these American chargers??

They seem to crop up on boats such as Bayliners (not surprising as they are also American).

E/boat Steve

Richard    -- Feb-10-2006 @ 4:16 PM
  is this any use ?

Ellaboat    -- Feb-10-2006 @ 5:14 PM
  Thank Richard,

Yes I had already downloaded that operators manual.

It was helpful in quickly identifying the purpose of the pcb dip switches, but I was looking for a full service manual with circuit diagram.
Tracing pcb tracks and working out how the thing is supposed to work is not my idea of fun - plus it screws up my eyes.
Gone are the days when battery chargers were one of the most basic circuits around. Anyway, I've found the faults now and just need to wait for some components to arrive.

I don't often get involved in the "leisure" market, but it does give me the opportunity to play with someone elses boat now and then.

This chap's twin 5.5 litre diesels make my single BMC 1500 look a tad small!

I needed to repair this charger asap, but if someone has a faulty Promatic Charger and can wait for it to be repaired at the New Hampshire factory, they seem to offer good fixed rate repairs.
They divide the list price by 60 and multiply the result by the number of months since the unit was sold if you have returned the warranty slip - otherwise it's from date of manufacture.
This figure is capped after 30 months, so the maximum you should have to pay is half the retail price.
If they don't carry out repairs on your particular model, then they offer a good deal on a replacement.

E/boat Steve

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