Topic: Horizon water tank source and original dimensions

Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 8:36 AM
  Hi everyone, first post here

I got myself an Horizon 35 which is a bit of an ugly duckling, an unloved wreck by all accounts but i can see the beauty tha it can potentially be, and so i'm starting overhauling and refitting it as of this week.

To make it more interesting, while i'm pretty skilled at most that needs doing i dont have much clue of boats specifically, so mght annoy you guys a little with what you may deem to be silly/dumb questions. My advanced apologies. Haha

Anyway, one of the things in this boat that looks brand new is the water tank, but its location and shape takes a hell of a lot of real space which i'd rather use for something else (it's a saddle tank that looks cutsom shaped but it doesn't reach the cill/decking level and it comes out a fair bit into the middle of the boat)so looking at my options to replace it to one fitted more like the diesel tank which fits neatly under the cill on the opposite side.

So the questions, is there anyway that used tanks can be had from salvaged boats by any chance? If having to order one, any options out there other than Jay Wolfe which is eye-wateringly expensive and the only that comes uo in my search?

Also, How do you go about measuring and quoting the hull's curvature? Anyone by any chance got measurements of these tanks by any chance?

And lastly, anyone interested in a swap? Not got the measurements here (other than it being massive) but will measure if there's any interest. As i sais it looks brand new, and lays more like a bed/box (sorry for the clueless terminology) rather than upright.


annville    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 1:31 PM
  Hi Lopez You dont say where the boat is, You can have a stainless steel fabricated or a plastic one from E M P F ph 01616266080.  do not use mild steel 10gall to the sq ft is capacity it must be on bearers not leaning on the hull you will need a 3/4"vent on top a 2"filler and a 3/4" out let in the bottom, you may need a baffle on inside to stop slamming,   boat items often seem dear that's because they have to be made out of non corrosive materials. John

Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 3:23 PM
  Thanks Annville, I'll give them a phone call on Monday to see my options. Thinking cutting this one down and/or re relocating the inlets and outlets might make it fit somewhere better but unlikely doing that will be much cheaper.

Yes I know the cost and involved in getting them made so not moaning (too much about the price). Just I didn't budget an extra grand it two for a water tank as I stupidly assumed it was in the 'normal' place and didn't think about checking under the bed

Original fittings and inlets are still there unused where it used to be, so fitting won't be an issue

For reference this is the new tank (around 100 gallons roughly is my guess from measuring)

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Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 3:25 PM
  And this is what I want to get. This is the diesel tank, which is opposite where the unused inlets are and presumably where the original water tank was

Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 3:31 PM
  Ah sorry. The boat is in London now

Steve51    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 3:49 PM
  That looks like the original tank. Using the bed as a guide to the size, I would say it's about 430 litres. It also has 2 baffles to prevent sloshing. Unless you really have to use that space for storage, you would do well to leave it alone and spend your money on something else. Smile

Steve. CM1 and NR12

spiderman    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 3:53 PM
  Vetus do a range of off the peg water tanks made from rigid linear polythene, they are seamless so nothing to leak. I've had 2 on my boat for about 13 years with no problems. I would highly recommend.

L'sBelles    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 4:04 PM
  Don't forget water is heavy!
430 litres of water are the best part of half a tonne which is why water tanks are generally low and flat and not standing on end.
My water tank takes most of the forward area of the cabin but is under the floor and is shaped so that full or empty it doesn't alter the trim of the boat just the level that it sits in the water.
I'd be tempted to leave that tank where it is unless you really have a desparate need to use that space for something else. If that is the case and you want vertical tanks it might be worth having 2 smaller ones one on each side linked together so that you do not list as they empty but then you are doubling up on cost by requiring 2 tanks!

Edit: Before anyone else mentions it diesel is around 4/5 of the weight of water and the useage rate is a lot lower with a tankful often lasting a whole season. I have a standing up diesel tank but that is positioned to counterbalance the engine which is offset from the centre of the boat.

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Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 4:39 PM
  You may be right, though found loads of clues pointing to it being a retrofit. Like wood used for the 'frame' being newer untreated standard b&q type timber, holes in the bulkheads for running the pipes being done rough and half *rs*d (and the wood not sealed after, so rotten around it) etc.

And then there the water inlets opposite the fuel tank (pic)

That said a lot of it could have been done after and you are right it's original. Probably me o er thinking it. Haha.

Still do something with it if I can as I don't need to 5 births but I'm short in space.

Thanks Steve

Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 4:44 PM
  Ok, I think I may have solved the mistery. The tank is a perfect fit in the room next door where the extra inlets are which was converted to a bathroom, so its looking like you are right and it was the original which was relocated

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Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 4:50 PM
  Do those tanks flavour the water Spiderman? Thanks

Lopez    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 4:56 PM
  L'sBelles I'd need a downsize for it to fit there anyway. Don't have the fag packet with me now but I think I measured the diesel at 250 litres or thereabouts which might just do. If in the future I find the size to be inadequate I can always fit and extra smaller in of the same shape as you sugges. Cheerst

L'sBelles    -- Oct-22-2021 @ 10:19 PM
  Yes sounds about right for a diesel tank. Mine is 200 L.
Even completely full you would only be carrying around 200 kg of diesel which would probably take months to empty whereas the same tank full of water would contain 250 kg and probably last one shower if my wife is in it! Not that I am suggesting my wife should shower on your boat Smile

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spiderman    -- Oct-23-2021 @ 8:20 AM
We have never noticed any taste to the water. They are Purified every year, We don't use the water for drinking we keep a stash of still and sparkling water under the floorboards for that,so really only used for teeth washing, but we have drunk it.I initially fitted them to keep the cost of a total refit down expecting to have to replace them further down the line but they are absolutely fine, I also have one for diesel and toilet waste, as I say they are all 13 plus years old.

pargeandmarge    -- Oct-23-2021 @ 10:36 AM
  Hi All
We agree with spiderman as we have two Vetus tanks. I am just a little tighter than spiderman as we drink ours.

All new water mains are plastic as are the bottles that mineral water comes in.

I prefer a plastic diesel tank as an unproven un scientific theory that you will get less condensation because the temperature is not as cold. Also no rust after all most vehicle tanks and carry cans are plastic now.

I,ve never had any water in outboard tanks over the years either.

Marge and Parge

Lopez    -- Oct-23-2021 @ 4:59 PM
  Excellent. Thanks to both (3 Wink  ) of you for the help. I'll look into them. Cheers

annville    -- Oct-23-2021 @ 5:19 PM
  Hi Lopez Am i right in thinking you are going to live on it having a largish water tank (mine is 265gall) is beneficial and if under your bed it is out of the way using storage under a bed unless in drawers can be not convenient along with damp/condensation problems, if you have a bath room with largest shower why not keep it as it is. I would suggest you place some insulation around and on top of your tank, has your diesel tank a water drain tap on the lowest part? you will also need a biggish tank for diesel if you have diesel heating, solid fuel stoves are all very well but difficult to regulate and with new regs on what you can burn and being in London might cause some problems, if you do live on it and intend stripping/rebuilding the interior i urge you to spay foam all exterior surfaces with spray foam while units are dismantled, this will pay dividnes later also you can double glaze the fixed windows with acrylic panels fixed with Velcro sticky tape,(i have done this on my boat works very well), Your plumbing leaves a lot to be desired all hoses should have two stainless clips on all connections you will have no problems with stainless steel tanks tainting the water, Hep2o plastic tubing works very well encased in Armoflex as it is flexible and wont crack with movement. When/if you change the wiring or electricals dip bear ends in Vaseline this will stop corrosion on all electrical metal surfaces.DO NOT use ordenary grease. wishing you well. John

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