Topic: Elysian 27 CC electric conversion -Advice !!

ChrisB    -- Sep-7-2021 @ 1:22 PM
  Hello all

I'm about to start on an electric conversion of an Elysian 27 Centre Cockpit. The Perkins 4108 has bitten the dust.

Looking on other threads i see someone on the boards has already converted an Elysian to electric - does anyone know how to contact them?

Also after any advice on the best route to go down - KW motor needed, etc, etc

many thanks


RayT    -- Sep-7-2021 @ 4:36 PM
  Hi Chris,
If you put 'Electric Elysian' in the Search box just above 'Active Discussions' on this page, you will find some info.

turnoar    -- Sep-7-2021 @ 7:21 PM
  When their was a big push on electric with grants etc I seem to recall the owner of Camelot craft converted an Elysian but I may be wrong, probably 20 years ago now. Peter but can’t remember the surname now.

Paladine    -- Sep-7-2021 @ 8:39 PM
I think the member you need to speak with is Sheque1

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Sheque1    -- Sep-8-2021 @ 9:27 AM
  Who Me?
Yes my boat is converted to electric, It only became economic to convert because I got a 48V generator / battery pack / mains chargers from the late John Williams. To which was added 4 solar panels on the roof, which do the top ups for short runs.

The biggest problem is the batteries are lead acid 2V traction type, so even though they are mounted around the electric motor in a U the nose of the boat is down. I'm intending to put bags of gravel aft to counteract that.

If  not starting with pre bought stuff, then 72Volt system would be better, higher the voltage the lower the current therefore less thick cables required..

The motor fitted is a 3 phase 10KW, with fan cooling, IIRC you needed to go up to 12 to 14 KW without the fan cooling. The boat can do all legal speed limits on the broads but there's not a huge amount of capacity left over.

IF I'm just taking here from the moorings to the sailing club or up to the nearest broad then the battery pack can do that. But from Horning to Potter I wind up the generator first , in theory she should reach Potter but there wouldn't be much power left..

If I had lots more money then a bigger capacity battery pack but LIPO would be fitted ..

expilot    -- Sep-8-2021 @ 11:27 AM
  I have a 16 foot dayboat that travels from Potter to Wroxham and back on a single charge and has another three days' capacity for pottering around Potter.  The dayboat was converted to 48v DC motor more than thirty years ago.  The wet cell traction batteries installed in the boat when I bought her lasted seventeen years. I have replaced the originals like for like but with an automatic topping-up system.

I also own a Mark 1 Freeman converted to electric propulsion under the Broads Authority grant-aided scheme a few years ago.  She has a Lynch "pancake" motor powered by two, independently switched, 48v gel battery banks.

The Lynch motor is connected to the shaft by toothed belt - which whines!  The controller and joystick are Mickey Mouse.  I am about to convert the Freeman's system to a brushless AC motor with new controller and joystick, but retaining the two gel battery banks which are sound. The new AC motor will be direct connected to the Freeman's existing propshaft.

The one and a half tonne Lister Freedom Four and Blackstone gearbox have been removed from boat number three, the thirty two foot all timber Broadland Swift.  These will be replaced with lead acid batteries with automatic electrolyte replenishment, a brushless AC motor (possibly two) and a controller, joystick and instrument panel - all supplied by Electric Vehicle Systems Limited, WASHINGTON, Tyne and Wear.  EVS also service and maintain most of the Broads electric dayboat fleet. Installation of the replacements for the Freeman and the first installation for Broadland Swift will be completed by Moonfleet Marine at Wayford.

Please feel free to pm me.

"There are old pilots.  There
are bold pilots............."

ChrisB    -- Sep-8-2021 @ 11:52 AM
  Great info!- I'll digest all that and get back to you...

so - would be looking for something like 12kw...

more in a bit

Many thanks


expilot    -- Sep-8-2021 @ 4:46 PM
  Don't even try to guess, Chris.  Give Mike at EVS a call.  Re-inventing the wheel is a particularly unrewarding activity. Smile

"There are old pilots.  There
are bold pilots............."

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ChrisB    -- Sep-9-2021 @ 7:52 AM
  Yep - that's why i'm on the Forum, so as to gain advice from those who have done it before.. Boat is in France, so it's going to be a "self install" project in the new year..

Steve51    -- Sep-9-2021 @ 8:00 AM
  Chris, a few years ago an Australian couple bought an Elysian c/c from Grebe Island and sailed her all the way to France via Ramsgate and cruised the French canals with her. Wouldn't be the same one by any chance?

Steve. CM1 and NR12

annville    -- Sep-9-2021 @ 10:33 AM
  Hi Cris both Elco and Panda would also be good places to get a balanced view. There are several others but! im sure you know how to google. John

Sheque1    -- Sep-9-2021 @ 1:37 PM
  This lot may also be of help..

ChrisB    -- Sep-10-2021 @ 6:30 PM
  Many thanks to both for the links - Will take a look.. this might well be the Elysian that went to France with the Aussies

ElysianCraft    -- Oct-19-2021 @ 12:56 PM
  I think there is still an electric powered Elysian 27CC on the broads, believe it's called Moon Glow ?
I had not seen it for about 15 years then spotted it on a private mooring up at Dilham a few weeks ago. Looks like it not been used for many years. A chap called Tony used to own it, he took me for a trip up the river years ago fantastic, very quiet and smooth. Lynch motor with belt drive. I met him in Beccles, he had come down with the tide from Stalham on a single charge! very impressed.

Safe & Sound

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