Topic: Weed Hatch

jimfin    -- Feb-16-2020 @ 2:48 PM
  Hi guys. We have a Bourne 35 with a sliding roof 1980 ish. I want to fit a weed / inspection hatch at the back as it is out of the water till mid march. Have any of you fitted one and if so what's involved.

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annville    -- Feb-16-2020 @ 4:30 PM
  Hi Jim Not a very good idea first why do you want one are you always getting your prop fouled or is it just a good idea one gets of lying awake in bed,weed hatchs must be cut over the top of the prop, same width as prop the sides need to protrude 6" above water level into the hull you then need a double hatch the top plate fits watertight on a gasket and is clamped down the lower half protrudes down into the hatch and is contoured close fit to the outer hull shape with a small a gap as possible. this is easy on a flat bottom steel barges but a fibra glass vee shaped hull??? better you get what i have that is a face mask with snorkel remove the end and extend with a wire reinforced plastic hose, or in winter i would pay for a lift out. John

Marshman    -- Feb-16-2020 @ 7:15 PM
  A rope cutter may be safer and work just as well???

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