Topic: What Antifoul and Anodes for Southern Broads

Bigplumbs    -- Dec-2-2019 @ 7:00 AM
We keep our boat on the Southern Broads at St Olaves and she has now been in 2 Years (That is how long we have owned her). I will antifoul her and replace the anodes this year.
I am generally used to salt water and was wondering what Antifoul and what anodes (metal type) people use on the Southern Broads

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Mercator    -- Dec-2-2019 @ 3:29 PM
  'Afternoon, Bigplumbs . . . .

I would opt for aluminium anodes - being better suited for brackish waters.

With regards to a particular anti-foul, there's many an opinion. Why not try a call with one or more of the Southern hire yards, to see what they may recommend as being suitable for your particular needs ?


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Luise    -- Dec-2-2019 @ 8:16 PM
  I can’t help too much with an Antifoul recommendation - I simply continue with that used by the boat’s builder, namely Interspeed 6400 - but I moor upstream of you at Burgh St Peter and was surprised at how brackish the water is even up there. I swapped to magnesium anodes on WRC’s recommendation, don’t regret it, they erode over two or three seasons but not excessively, I reckon they’re doing their job…


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