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Bounty27    -- Oct-19-2019 @ 6:08 PM
  Does anyone have any thoughts or reviews on the ford XLD diesel engines good or bad I’d like to hear them please.

turnoar    -- Oct-20-2019 @ 4:47 PM
  From memory all the fords were and probably still are good, maybe a little less horse output for the capacity but that’s great for boatwork. The gm one with the tall belt is a look, divorce, avoid, albeit a small unit under 2 litre I think. The merc’s and bmw’s probably cost more to service.

Go Fordward!

Captain-Joshie    -- Oct-20-2019 @ 8:21 PM

In our Braveheart we had (sold yesterday) a Ford FSD 2.5 litre 60HP normally aspirated diesel, best engine I’ve ever had in a boat! Sometime ago a friend had a similar Ford engine in his boat which was also great engine, never any trouble at all.

I would not hesitate in having another Ford Diesel engine in a boat, in fact I’d prefer it to any other manufacturer.

The Fords are cheap to maintain as you can buy parts anyway, easy to get serviced as there are lots of Ford trained engineers and the marine versions are well support by Lancing Marine, have a look at there website.

What they don’t know about Ford engines isn’t worth knowing.


Kind regards, John(Captain
Joshie), Jo & Toby.

Bounty27    -- Oct-21-2019 @ 9:49 AM
  Thanks for your input people I was a bit concerned about it having a cam belt but no one else really seams bothered by it.
Much appreciated

annville    -- Oct-21-2019 @ 10:08 AM
  Hi Bounty All Ford engines are good, and if looked after although not always the highest output and the quirtest, the parts are cheap and plentiful for years, i would avoid the ones that have a rubber cam belt as not easy to change and difficult to work out when they need changing which they need periodically and if not changed expensive work required when the break, as with any engine good quality oil changed regularly will make any engine mo reliable and last longer.John

Dilligaf    -- Oct-21-2019 @ 8:37 PM
  Change the cambelt from time to time and it'll be fine, as long as you can get at the front of the engine it's no big deal, on my last boat I had a pair of peugeot 1.9 diesels and could change both cambelts in less than an hour.
When you think cars usually say 70,000 miles intervals to a cambelt that's a lot of boating just don't have oily water sloshing around it (which you shouldn't have anyway).

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