Topic: Viking 20 Fuse location

Jilda    -- Oct-3-2019 @ 8:19 AM
  Hello again, I wonder is  anyone able to advise me on where I can find the fuse for the water pump on my 1982 Viking 20 which I think may be blown?

By the way the pump in question is a 'Whale Clearstream 700'.

Many thanks in advance for any advice and help here.


DaveR    -- Oct-3-2019 @ 11:00 AM
  It may be the pump that is at fault. The short cable from the pump will be wired into the supply cable from the battery/fusebox. You could try disconnecting the short cable from the pump and connecting up a test lamp to the supply. If it lights up then the supply is OK and the pump is faulty. If it does not light up then trace the cable back to the switch or fusebox.

Jilda    -- Oct-3-2019 @ 4:38 PM
  Thank you kindly for your reply Dave, we've passed this task over to a pro as this is a bit beyond us, hopefully it'll only be a minor fault, thanks again.


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