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ACooper    -- Oct-3-2014 @ 2:10 PM
  I would like to renew the false ceiling in my small cruiser as the original one has got damp in the past and the ply has rotted can anyone suggest a 4mm ply to buy and what sort to get


Dibbler    -- Oct-3-2014 @ 3:17 PM
  Marine plywood to BS 1088 is the key. This is manufactured using timbers classified as moderately durable or better and with high quality veneers bonded using WBP phenolformaldehyde adhesive (WBP = Weather and Boil Proof)

At 4mm thick, expect to pay around £18 to £20 (including VAT) for an 8' x 4' board. Smile


DaveR    -- Oct-3-2014 @ 4:21 PM
  4m ply would do the job, 6mm would be better. Hawke House ltd on the web do a good selection of vinyl that you can stick on the ply.  Dave R.

Marshman    -- Oct-3-2014 @ 7:10 PM
  Do you want a wooden finish or are you going to cover it? Cut the cost and use WBP - why pay for a marine ply if you are going to cover it??? I assume you have stopped the leak so why do you want a marine ply?

Some people love spending other peoples money - with apologies guys but you do not NEED marine ply! Ceiling panels are not usually under water and the bigger voids in WPB are irrelevant if its all hidden behind something. Isn't it ???  

Mercator    -- Oct-3-2014 @ 7:22 PM

we used polycarb sheeting on our last boat from ebay  . we sikaflexed thin (sorry not very technical) softwood to the roof and a week later sikaflexed the sheeting to the wood. Easy to cut , easy to fix, stays for ever and gives a nice liner.


Steve & Maggie.

Magellan (Westward 38)

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philr    -- Oct-4-2014 @ 11:00 AM
  If you do buy marine ply, make sure it IS marine ply.

Whilst rebuilding our Isabel, on two or three occasions I was offered marine ply (at marine ply prices) that was clearly not marine ply and in one case probably not even WBP.

All were somewhat crudely rubber stamped 'marine ply BS 1088'

The proper markings are much more elaborate, will carry the makers name and will quote the EN number as well.
Marine ply does not have very thin face veneers, cracks, splits and knots in the veneers and does not have gaps visible in the centre plys when viewed from a cut edge.  The face timbers should be dense grained and not present a rough surface.

In the case of WBP I would not buy anything that does not have a manufacturers stamp on it.  It's too easy for a rogue to make up a rubber stamp to misrepresent  what is being sold.
They know that you won't find out until your deck starts to delaminate and they don't care!

There's some rubbish out there, so take care.

Phil R

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