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Al    -- Dec-30-2013 @ 11:56 AM
  Hi everyone. I have a Bounty Sovereign 30 DS from 1998 and I need to change out the sanitary hoses to the waste tank. The tank is underfloor, and although I can access and change the pumpout hose, I cannot even see/find the toilet to tank hose. It seems that I will need to dismantle the entire aft end of the cabin to find it. Does anyone else own one of these boats and know the quick way to access the toilet to tank hose?

Best wishes to all for the new year.


JennyMorgan    -- Dec-30-2013 @ 8:20 PM
  Al, sorry, but in practical terms I can't help you. However I have worked in several yards over the years and access problems such as you mention are not that uncommon. The reality is that what might seem to be a major job to us amateurs is a walk in the park for the professionals. I'd ask those nice folk at Richardsons of Stalham.  They have probably come up against your problem at one time or another.

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Pauline&Phill    -- Dec-31-2013 @ 9:11 AM
  Hi Al,
Welcome. I think it does sound like a job for the professionals.

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Strowager    -- Dec-31-2013 @ 11:50 AM
  I've owned and worked on a number of ex-hire cruisers, and I've found quite often that no thought was given to access for ongoing maintenance.

It's the same with fuel tanks as well, often built under side decks and then walled in by bulkheads and furniture units.

As you just want to renew the hose, rather than the whole tank, you may find that cutting in a well positioned smallish hatch near the tank connection will suffice, without having to dismantle too much. The hose could then be threaded through to the toilet itself.

To work out the best place to put it, you could buy one of the now very cheap keyhole handheld cctv inspection cameras (about £30), to see the layout under the floor and behind fixed paneling.

Steve51    -- Dec-31-2013 @ 1:51 PM
  Strow, seeing your comment about endoscopic cameras prompted me to have a look and see what is availlable. As a result I've just ordered one of these.


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Strowager    -- Dec-31-2013 @ 2:17 PM
  Yes Steve, the USB endoscopes are even cheaper, amazing value really.

When you suddenly find a situation when they can be handy, they can save the day.

I was sweeping my house chimney a couple of years ago when one of the rods unscrewed, leaving the others about 3ft up the chimney, past a bend in the flue.

With the endoscope, I was able to grab the loose end with a clamp, and retrieve the rods, without having to break into the chimney breast.

650XS    -- Dec-31-2013 @ 7:53 PM
  need aloook we have the cameras for the job with a person on end of it too .....

i also have speacil mirrors as used by the bomb squad don,t ask i got them contacts yer know

so migth be able to help

make sure yer use the proper butyl pipe not that ole stawberrry sauce stuff it s no good .....

its more expence but worth it yer now

always happy to help

just not happpy .....!!!!!

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Al    -- Jan-1-2014 @ 9:06 AM
  Thanks for your replies. Most helpful, particularly the camera idea. I shall order one.


SteveO    -- Jan-6-2014 @ 7:37 PM
  I bought one of the USB endoscopes the other day. Cheap as chips and gives very clear images. Even has its own adjustable inbuilt light source. I didn't have any luck with the driver disk supplied with the device but downloaded a generic driver off the net and it works superbly.



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