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Dibbler    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 8:31 AM
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Posted by Silent_Running Feb-23-2010 @ 6:38pm

Good Lord!! Another broadland rip off, there is no reason to charge thise kind of prices, VAT on all red is still only 5% and the yards keep all the extra duty until they make their annual return which helps cash flow. If that happened in a coastal marina there would be a riot. Many of the riverside pubs charge London prices for poorly kept beer, some yards charge prices out of all proportion to the quality of their work, I do not know how or why you put up with it. There are a good number of notable exceptions particularly south but come on, why do you put up with it.

Posted by Siddy Mar-04-2010 @ 11:33pm

Ok I have to ask  - Whats the 60/40 bit about??


Posted by Regulo Mar-05-2010 @ 12:24am

Siddy, In simple terms:

Boats used to get red diesel at the agricultural use price, then the powers that be decided they couldn't have that, and we were faced with paying the same price as white (fully taxed) diesel, as per car users.
It was then agreed that boats that used diesel for heating purposes, as well as propulsion, could be allowed a proportion of every litre bought at heating oil prices. To simplify matters every litre bought would be assumed to be used 60% for propulsion, 40% for heating. Hence 60/40 split. very complicated, but the price per litre is quoted now assuming such a split use. Of course, if you don't have heating on board, you should pay full price.  

Regards, Ray.

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Posted by ncsl Mar-05-2010 @ 7:49am

There are some boaters - well me any way - that only use diesel for heating - as I have a petrol engined boat.

So what - in simples terms - is the cost of diesel for heating  ONLY ?

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Sorry for any incovenience, guys. I just want to try to keep the Diesel Prices thread tidy and at-a-glance ready for the upcoming season. Cheers


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Regulo    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 10:18 AM
  No worries, John.

Shall we continue, here?

Paul, I presume you would be entitled to claim all your diesel at the 40% rate. How that could be done will have to be answered by someone administering this cods up at the sharp end. Boatyard folk on here?

Regards, Ray

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Silent_Running    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 11:54 AM
  “Posted by ncsl Mar-05-2010 @ 7:49am

There are some boaters - well me any way - that only use diesel for heating - as I have a petrol engined boat.

So what - in simples terms - is the cost of diesel for heating  ONLY ?”

The actual price is impossible to quote as that would depend on the base duty and VAT exclusive price at the pump. In your circumstances you should only be paying heating duty and VAT at 5% on top of that. All that is needed is for you to present the retailer with a declaration that 100% of the fuel will be used for heating and power generation and that zero will be used for propulsion. There is no need for any more complication than that and the whole scheme is contrary to popular belief very simple to administer for any retailer that keeps proper records. In your case they would simply include your sale in with the rest of the non propulsion sales on their annual declaration.

kfurbank    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 11:59 AM

When purchasing diesel you can request any split that you wish. You need to sign a disclaimer when you purchase diesel, even if you choose a 60/40 split. If you purchase from the same outlet all the time, I believe you can sign once for the year. So NCSL can request 100% of his diesel at the heating rate of tax no problem. HM Customs have indicated that they feel the average user would use 40% for heating and 60% for propulsion and therefore most people would choose a 60/40 split, which is much less likely to prompt an investigation by HM Customs. You are more than welcome to choose any other split, but I would suggest you would need some strong evidence to support this in case of the increasing likely hood of an investigation. In NCSLs case having only diesel heating and a petrol engine on board, he has very strong evidence. It is also worth noting that HM Customs have indicated you are less likely to be investigated if you take the 60/40 split, they haven't said you WILL NOT be investigated. So for those with gas heating onboard, or no diesel heating you could still fall foul if claiming a 60/40 split. However it gets complicated because you could still argue that you run the engine to heat hot water via a calorifier or to charge the batteries etc, therefore some is used for domestic, rather than propulsion.

Given some of the options discussed by HM Customs at the time, separate tanks, changing to White for propulsion, charging all diesel at the full rate of tax, the 60/40 split was actually deemed quite fair and most people didn't want to rock the boat by trying any other split unless they can really truefully justify it as in NCSLs case. Liveaboards who never cruise are another example of someone who may claim 100% heating rate.

Given that 60/40 was going to be such a popular split, that is why diesel prices are normally quoted as 100% propulsion, or with the 60/40 split.

Hope that helps.


GaryCantley    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 1:04 PM
  Following that post from Keith I think I'll stick to wind power and wrapping up warm LOL boat-sail


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Regulo    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 1:56 PM
  THanks for all the useful replies.

I wonder, given all the upheaval and effort put into this, whether HM revenue are getting a useful "income" from boating fuel, given it must be a tiny fraction of road fuel tax income. Bureaucracy gone mad, if you ask me, for minimal gain.

Best regards, Ray.

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paul&lorna    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 1:58 PM
  For comparison, our local supplier is 64ppl at the pump for domestic red. I've found some BP garages also do it but a couple of pence dearer.


kfurbank    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 2:19 PM

It's not often that I stick up for HM Customs or this government, but for years they applied for derogation to the EU which meant that leisure boating diesel usage was exempt from full taxation. In the EU leisure boating diesel usage was taxed more than here, hence the derogation, but not as high as road usage, they have an additional tax band for leisure usage. The EU got fed up with the UK keep applying for derogation and getting cheaper diesel for leisure boating and indicated that they would have to bring tax in line with the rest of the EU. The UK did apply for derogation again, but as expected it was turned down. The UK also had made no effort to work out what to do when derogation ended, effectively giving us another unofficial 12 months breathing space whilst they worked out what to do.

They didn't like the idea of policing another tax band on diesel, which would have bought us into line with the EU, they couldn't keep the lower tax rate and the option of full tax on leisure boating didn't go down well with the boating industry. There was then the added complication of heating or domestic usage on boats and how to tax that. In the end they went for full taxation on propulsion rather than introduce an additional band, making propulsion diesel more expensive than the EU, but softened the blow with the lower tax for the heating and domestic portion and indicating that the 60/40 which is a generous split would be unlikely to attract any interest from HM Customs. Compared to the costs of changing from Red to White diesel, or having to run separate fuel tanks, marinas having to sell White and Red etc, it was a fairly good compromise.

The UK government probably doesn't make much extra tax out of this, but the issue was forced by Brussels and in this case the UK really didn't want it. Why the government didn't just turn around and ignore the EU as so many other EU countries do when it suits them is beyond me.


zacthedog    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 6:32 PM
  has there ever been a case of anyone having to prove that tax has been paid - not paid, on the fuel in there tanks ???

1hr 45mins 66mls away

ncsl    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 6:42 PM
  Thanks for the replys regarding my heating use.

All I want is about 10 - 15 gals per year for the ebespacher, so guess I would be better off phoning around.  Confused

Lord Paul

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Regulo    -- Mar-5-2010 @ 7:05 PM

What a nightmare!!  As you explain it, it seems we have got off lightly. I certainly don't use 40% of my diesel for heating (more like 4%), so we shouldn't complain too strongly. Wonder how long this situation will last before we're instructed by Brussels to charge full tax on boat fuel. As you say, we Brits seem to delight in firmly following dictats, while every other country shrugs its shoulders and ignores them.

Regards, Ray

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dannyb1    -- Mar-6-2010 @ 8:20 PM
  this is all very complex, confusing and like everything else open to total abuse.

I have seen very little benefit to my fuel bills even with this 60/40 split. I still seemed to be paying only marginally less than it would have cost me to fill up with tescos white diesel so something must be array and I think that might lie with the boat yard.

We all know what they are like, they dont exactly display their fuel prices on a big lit up sign like service stations have to do they, and personally they should as I think they make it up half the time depending on how switched on they think you look.  Tesco couldn't get away with it could they?  Not having a actual fuel meter on display in my opinion is a bit shady,  and when it involves money, I trust no one.

I have an oil boiler and when I order oil, I ring round all the suppliers in my local norfolk area and play one off against the other for as long as it takes for me to get the best possible price, home heating oil suppliers will also sell you red diesel (they call it gas oil) at a current rate of approx 53 pence per litre if you buy 500 litres.

This is what I mean by open to abuse, not that I would suggest for one minute I am doing this but what is there to stop me if I really wanted to?  I could claim I only use it for heating, how can they police it and would they even bother at 500 litres per year, I doubt it.  

Anyway my point was, taking into account red diesel at full tax and red diesel at home heating tax, there is still a big difference in price per litre and this doesn't seem to be very noticable when buying 100 litres at 60/40 from your local boatyard.  

Stuff the EU


Dibbler    -- Apr-27-2010 @ 1:44 PM
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boughtit 27/04/10 11:42am :-

As a newby to the private boating scene can anyone tell me if the 60/40 split on Diesel is offered as standard when you refuel or do you have to request it?

As I am just round the corner to Brooms I will have to try them next time I fill up - guess they are the cheapest cause they sell a lot filling their monster craft up!

Still-Cruising 27/04/10 12:55pm :-

We usually fill up at Moonfleet and they will do whatever split you ask for as I believe most yards do. I always ask for a 60/40 split but we were refused last year at Horizon’s.

Best Regards



Dibbler    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 9:21 AM
  The following posts were removed from the Diesel Prices thread today...

BroadAmbition 08/06/12 08:52am :-

Diesel Prices,

I'm somewhat Confused here  Confused and hopefully some knowledgeable forumite can clear it up for me

Road going diesel is charged with the full tax rate applied and is currently selling at around £1:36 per litre

Red diesel for marine leisure use is charged with a 60/40 split with 60 percent being full taxed for propulsion and 40 percent less taxed for heating

So why therefore are many yards charging a higher rate that the full taxed road going diesel?


Maurice_Mynah 08/06/12 09:00am :-

Although most boats on the broads that have heating use diesel for it, I would imagine that it is recognised that the 60/40 split is far from  appropriate. and that therefore the tax is based on 100% engine usage.
The reason the cost is sometimes a little above the standard prices will be that the turnover will be so slow compared with garage forecourt turnover, that charging that bit extra is the only way supplying it can be financially viable. Well, that's my take on it Smile

BroadAmbition 08/06/12 09:16am :-

M_M  Surely the yards cannot just take it upon themselves to hike the tax up to the 100 percent mark, they would be fraudulently overtaxing the consumer and we would all be entitled to refunds.

The turnover thing, I was too under that impression as well.  However the yards that are presently charging 20 - 25p less are a lot smaller than the big boys and have a smaller turnover as a result which blows that theory well and truly out of the water



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Paladine    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 9:31 AM
I don't class myself as 'knowledgeable' on the subject, but yards that charge the full tax rate aren't doing anything wrong. It's surely up to the buyer to point out that 40% is for heating and ask for a reduction. After all, if you haven't got a diesel heater on board you're not entitled to the tax reduction. If the yard still charges the higher rate, the extra won't go to the tax man, it will go in the seller's pocket.

Try going into Tesco's at Stalham and ask to buy their fuel at the same price as is charged at the Gt Yarmouth Tesco's  tounge-in-cheek

Jean&Brian    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 1:56 PM

Being a bit cynical my take on it is quiet simple, the smaller independent yards who rely on our custom treat us fairly whilst some hire yards who happily rip off their own customers wouldn`t have any problem doing the same to us with the tax issue being irrelavent.

The answer lies in the purpose of the original thread shop around and avoid the rip off merchants.

         Brian  Tinhat

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JonS1959    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 2:28 PM
  My experience is that at various yards around the region the comment is "what ever split you want the price advertised is what you pay". Lets look at it from the yards perspective, they buy 'x' litres at 'x' price per litre. At the end of the quarter Customs and Excise want their little slice. Do you realistically expect the yards to top say well Mr y had 5% because it was all heating and Mr z had a 60/40 split Ms c had 50/50 because she feels the cold. The system is not workable so I suspect the boat yards buy the fuel a x price and add the required duty for road use, hence the same price as you local garage. Forget all the split nonsense and accept you buy heating oil at white diesel prices. Do you and your engine a favor and buy a jerry can and visit your local Tesco.


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Poppy    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 2:40 PM
  "Do you and your engine a favor and buy a jerry can and visit your local Tesco."

then there's always the option of fitting sails..... Evil Grin

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JonS1959    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 2:51 PM
  Why, has the world run out of natural resources then and nobody mentioned it................ Scared


Would you really put a monument of a national treasure ......... in an industrial estate......

WhisperingReeds    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 2:52 PM
  I usually refrain from posting in the more contentious threads.  Running a business you have to ask yourself what you stand to gain or lose, but this one is interesting, and I think posting some real world figures might help to clear some things up or at least add to the debate.

There's a ton of numbers below.  In response to JonS1959's post, a couple above mine, you can see that if we were selling and declaring the lot at road duty rates, but telling you it was 60/40 we'd be even worse off.  Personally I'll only sell the diesel at 60/40, if you want a different rate, you can go elsewhere.  It's not worth the bother to mess around with other rates, or expect the Sunday lad to cope with it all, it really isn't.

Anyway, the numbers.

I'll work backwards, and assume we've sold 1 litre of fuel for £1.25 at 60/40 split.

Retail price of diesel at £1.25 per litre

After VAT that's £1.19

40% of £1.19 is £0.47, We get all of that, but 60% is £0.72 and out of that £0.72 there is additional duty of £0.47 to pay to HMRC. So we only get £0.25 of it.

So out of £1.25, £0.53 in total goes to the government.  VAT at the end of each quarter, the additional duty in one big cheque each November.

My current tank load of diesel cost £0.70 pence per litre

Sale price £1.25
HM Government gets £0.53
My purchase price £0.70

Gross profit on the sale of 1 litre of diesel?


That's without paying the lad to dispense it.

I just had to replace the underground pipe from my tank to the pump at a cost of £1,300.  

How many litres of diesel do I have to sell to recoup that?  65,000 litres.  How much diesel do I expect to sell this year.  Not including that which goes in my own dayboats?  Perhaps 1500 litres?

So, a payback time on the new underground pipe of 43 years.

You're not being ripped off for diesel at the riverside.

Jean&Brian    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 3:01 PM
JohnS1959 @ £1-16 ltr in Boulters your not paying roadside prices, as I said look around.


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Paladine    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 3:47 PM
WR, your figures have confirmed what Darren at DRL said last week. None of us like paying so much for our fuel, whether for cars or boats, but it's obvious that the Government is taking the lion's share of the income. I think the the 60/40 split was just to keep us all quiet. I certainly don't use 40% of my boat fuel for heating, but I'm happy to pay a reduced sum per litre for my boating diesel.

I'm just hoping the yards don't give up the ghost and stop selling to private boaters. Not only will it cause great inconvenience, having to lug cans of diesel around, but the potential for pollution through spillage while filling tanks from cans is enormous.

ditchcrawler    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 7:09 PM
  But the yards don't have to sell at 40/60 split. If they want to they can let you decide.

Tim    -- Jun-8-2012 @ 9:25 PM
  Although I've declared a 60/40 split at the yards I currently buy fuel for the engine I'm paying £1.30 a litre
as a comparison the fuel I buy from the Coalman for heating (zero duty) is 90p per litre.

Many Thanks Tim

Paladine    -- Jun-9-2012 @ 7:14 PM
Tim, heating oil for domestic and residential use is not zero-rated, it is taxed at 5% and the difference in the scale of operation between your heating oil supplier and a boatyard is massive. As WhisperingReeds has said, he expects to sell about 1500 litres a year to customers (other than the day boats). OK, so he isn’t in exactly the busiest place on the Broads, but the heating oil suppliers send out tanker-loads every day (Mon-Fri), every week, and the minimum order in the Broads area is 500 litres. Those tankers probably hold around 8-10,000 litres. Ask your coalman if he will deliver 50 litres of oil to your boat and see what response you get. Or you could just syphon it out of your home heating oil tank and cart it up to your boat  tounge-in-cheek

Even if the yards were making 10p profit per litre, that’s hardly profiteering. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I was in a chandlery in Ely today and, as an example, a common consumable product which retails on the Broads for £15.99 was priced at £18.99. Caveat emptor.

avg45    -- May-5-2015 @ 5:15 PM
  If it looks like red diesel, smells like red diesel and burns like red diesel and only costs .80p a litre then it is red diesel regardless of the so called 60/40 split, and regardless where you buy it.  Cheers


Paladine    -- May-5-2015 @ 5:27 PM
I'm not sure why a 3-year old thread has been resurrected, but 'red diesel' is purely a description of a product. It's the use to which that product is put which determines the level of tax to be paid.

“I can assure the House that the Broads will not be changing their name.”
(The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs...Hansard 2007)

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Steve51    -- May-5-2015 @ 5:39 PM
  Blimey, not this old one again! This has been done to death. Question

Steve. CM1

Dibbler    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 11:01 AM
  The following post was made in the Diesel Price thread. It was removed by myself to keep that thread easy to read...

From member avg45 on 25/01/16...

"On Sky news yesterday (Sunday 24th) it was reported that the retail price of diesel has gone down in price
by 55% since May last year. I do not expect the yards or Marina's to drop their prices by this much, but as Tesco's and other garages are selling white for  under a £1.00 a litre it does make one wonder if we are still being ripped of as I suggested in a post about a year or two ago and was shouted down. The price of diesel has consistently dropped over that period of time but the yards and Marina's are very slow to follow  suit with the exception of just a couple of yards. "

Member ADI replied the same day...

The yards might have bought it at a higher rate while the price was high, so would have to sell it high maybe?


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Paladine    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 11:19 AM
When Tesco dig a dyke from Stalham Staithe to their pumps at their store, I might consider filling my 200 litre tank there. On reflection, no I wouldn't, because I respect my engine too much    tounge-in-cheek

I'm happy to support yards that charge a reasonable price for the supply of diesel, without taking the proverbial, as certain yards appear to do. Caveat emptor.

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Steve51    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 11:37 AM
  This isn't the first time avg45 has had a dig at the yards and their diesel prices.

It's all very well having a go at them, but they are not turning over the volumes that road fuel retailers are.

If we turn our backs on the yards and start buying the stuff in jerry cans (I couldn't be bothered to be honest), the yards will either raise the price to cover their costs, or stop selling it.

When you look at the cost of keeping a boat afloat, the cost of diesel is a small part of it. Last year (Jan to Dec) we used our boat for 101 days. I don't think I even used 100 litres in that time and that includes quite a lot of use of the Webasto heater.

Steve. CM1 and NR12

pargeandmarge    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 7:02 PM
  We normally use 100litres a year always fill at the same place always tip the server a fiver and are very happy with the way they help us moor and make sure all is well before and while we leave their pontoon. If we saved 20p a litre Oh my what a fantastic holiday that would be car stinking of Derv Marges back aching cause she carried Jerry cans to the boat me getting stressed in case she spilled any, its all cost you know and then there is the evaporation while pouring it and you can do nothing with the residue that is left in the funnel, only wipe it with a rag and then put that somewhere to stink as well. Happy holidays   Smile
Marge and Parge

Uncle_Nobby    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 7:25 PM
  Goodchild Burgh Castle under £1 at the moment.

captinpugwash    -- Jan-27-2016 @ 9:20 PM
  Hi, swancraft at brundall have now dropped their price to £0.99 / litre.

avg45    -- Jan-29-2016 @ 6:44 PM
  Well fancy that, perhaps the yards are slowly getting the message. With regard to the yards having to buy at high prices and having low turnover so they have to keep the price high, Richardson's must buy an amount comparable at least to someone like Roy's, Wroxham. So what is their excuse. Stop making excuses. We are  being ripped off !  No doubt I will get shouted down  again even though I have been proved right once more Exterminate

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up
reading.  avg45

Paladine    -- Jan-29-2016 @ 11:19 PM
  avg45, you seem to have a 'thing' about Richardson's. I don't buy my fuel there, even though it's with 15 minute's cruising from my mooring. I prefer to support a small yard, 2 hours away and 30p a litre cheaper. Tesco's at Stalham sells petrol at 99.9p a litre, the Shell garage at Blofield charges 104.9p. It's the market.

If you're happy to pay inflated prices, you're not being 'ripped' off, you have a choice. If you're unhappy about the price, take your custom elsewhere. Being 'ripped off' is having no choice but to pay an inflated(?) price.

Nor am I 'shooting you down', just saying how it is.

"..for the avoidance of any doubt, the broads are not legally a national park and do not come under the national park legislation, and nor will they."
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for DEFRA (Hansard 2015)

avg45    -- Jan-30-2016 @ 10:28 AM
  " you seem to have a thing about Richardson's"

No I was just using them as an example and I am just trying to stand up for us boat owners, hoping the prices will fall into line with canals and coastal marinas and the like.    Evil Grin

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up
reading.  avg45

kfurbank    -- Jan-30-2016 @ 11:10 AM
  As a boat owner I can buy diesel from any yard. It is also fair to say that I have never had to pay an overnight mooring fee at Richardsons, or to pay for water. As public mooring is very limited in Stalham I find that quite useful. In return and in acknowledgement of those free facilities I do sometimes pay for a pump out or stick a few litres of diesel in the tank. I probably wouldn't do my end of season top up there, but am happy to give as well as take. Sometimes the bigger picture needs to be looked at. Yes I could fill up at Boulters all the time and then go and fill up with water and moor for free at Richardsons, until one year they put up the sign like Faircraft Loynes, which says hire boats only!!!!

Happy to support the honest and reliable pubs and businesses of The Norfolk Broads.

avg45    -- Jan-30-2016 @ 11:58 AM
  Yep I take your point and will look at the broader picture in future   Cheers

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up
reading.  avg45

cruising51    -- Aug-19-2020 @ 6:57 AM
  Does any one know if it possible for a boat to run well for 3 hours over 4 days. I didn't go anywhere but let it run daily. For it to have a run up river for a pump out, for the engine to cut out, and find that the tank had a large amount of water in the tank. I am baffled that it would have started at all.

Marshman    -- Aug-19-2020 @ 9:03 AM
  Was your fuel tank full throughout the winter and subsequent lockdown?

I always keep mine fullish and never let it drop below around half full - over winter it is always topped right up.It is probably mainly condensation

Do you put an additive in to guard against fuel bug? That helps disperse water too.

Helmsman1946    -- Aug-19-2020 @ 9:04 AM
  Water sinks to the bottom where it will sit quietly when stationary but then gets stirred up on the move finally overwhelming any primary or main filter & getting to the engine.
Te fuel pick up is usually not right on the bottom of the tank

annville    -- Aug-19-2020 @ 9:27 AM
  Hi You should drain down the tank water trap every year at start of season, if you dont have a drain tap push a small dia plastic pipe down to lowest corner and suck out until you see diesel in pipe,all diesel tanks collect water in bottom, in your case your pick up pipe was just above the water until you had  pump out which then raised the tank allowing the water to be sucked into engine, you need to flush diesel through your system IMMEDIATELY to stop any damage to injectors and pump.most water will stay in bottom of tank until you go to sea in a force five then water gets mixed with fuel and bingo no power very common problem for sea boats that dont get yoused often. John

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