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RedCow    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 2:31 PM
  Is it true that Summercraft are packing in he hire trade?i have heard mutterings on the grapevine and if true will be big blow to lovers of the small family owned boat hire yards !

chrismbooth    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 2:55 PM
  A shame if they are closing, but there has been a rumour before. We hired Grecian Girl in 2018, but noticed that it had been sold this year,along with another boat. Definately a nice place to hire from.


theartist    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 3:43 PM
  hired wicked lady in the early 80s. fantastic weather and holiday. it seems to have dissapeared off the radar these days.

spiderman    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 5:53 PM
  I have been told by someone in the know that it is correct.

Dzign    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 6:05 PM
  They don't appear to have invested in any new boats for some time now so it's been on the cards, shame really...


garryn    -- Nov-12-2019 @ 7:11 PM
  Looking on their Facebook page from last week they were getting ready to prepare the boats for the 2020 season. Also their  boats are available on the Hoseasons site for 2020 so I hope the rumours  are wrong.


GoonerMark    -- Nov-13-2019 @ 4:16 PM
  It is true, we moor there privately. The hire boats are being sold and Sue is going to run the yard as a private marina.  

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garryn    -- Nov-13-2019 @ 5:27 PM
  Sorry I got that completely  wrong I read the original post and somehow got Bridgecraft into my head. Still a great shame the Summercraft boats always look to be well maintained.


pargeandmarge    -- Nov-14-2019 @ 6:07 PM
  Hi All
Old Parges very first holiday on the Broads was on Golden Girl from Summer Craft a wooden craft. Twas me old mum that took me. A wonderful holiday I piloted all the way so exiting for a youngster. "WOW have never forgotten it MUM" God rest your sole.
Thank you Summer Craft.
Kindest Regards
Marge and Parge

MiketheTyke    -- Nov-15-2019 @ 9:40 AM
  As a big fan of Summercraft and having hired from them over a number of years, having spoken to Sue and with her permission, I can confirm that they will no longer offer boats for hire and they will convert their yard to a private marina. However, they will continue with their very successful holiday lodges and in fact are looking to increase the number of cottages that they offer for let. Having stayed in one of their present lodges, I can confirm that they are very good value for money and have the quality that one always associates with Summercraft. I wish them all the best for the future.


grutter    -- Nov-23-2019 @ 12:55 PM
  A real shame, although not altogether surprised, given their reduction in fleet in recent years and quite often, not as many boats hired out when we've been there. My family have been using them for 18 years, mainly because of excellent service and always immaculate presentation of their boats. For the past 6/7 years we've hired Gala Girl 2, which I see has already been sold. Talking to staff when we were there last month, it seems they don't get so many of the returning hirers any more; more young people that use them just the once and don't return again.

Anyone recommend an equally good, small, personable family-run boatyard for our next holiday which would provide a similar level of service? We are considering Bridgecraft in Acle, who we've heard good things about.

steve    -- Nov-23-2019 @ 1:30 PM
  We used royalls when we hired , purely for the same as you posted , excellent service, boats very well thought turned out , personal touch , summercraft was always on par with them , sadly now both gone , but bridgecraft would now be our hired option, as for the same as above ,  I've been following them on there Facebook page for over a year now , it's great to see how much time and effort they put into there boats , nothing is to much trouble ,

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

daviddownunder    -- Nov-23-2019 @ 11:25 PM
  G'Day Gutter

We have not used either Royalls, or Bridgecraft, but we have been with Silverline 6 times in the past 9 years. We have no hesitation in recommending them.
Their boats are always presented in top condition, so maybe another yard to think about

Dave Downunder

grutter    -- Oct-31-2021 @ 9:14 AM
  Thanks for the advice!

We booked with Bridgecraft for April 2020, but it is only last week that we could take the holiday, due to Covid postponements in April 20, October 20 and April 21.

We had a lovely time on Humber Bridge and would echo everything you said. Friendly, family run and nothing too much trouble. Ironically, after I posted in November 2019, Gala Girl became available again, but we had already made our booking with Bridgecraft by then.

We will use Bridgecraft again in April 22.

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