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JimboC    -- Jun-16-2016 @ 10:28 AM
  Hi folks, haven't been able to get to the Broads for 2 years but we're back this year on Swan reflection, we hired Swan Rapture the last twice and loved it but my wife fancied Reflection this time round. We were disappointed to find Swancraft closed to hiring but pleased their boats found a new home, so my burning question is are the Swan boats still in as good condition now they're at Richardsons, this is not a moan at Ricko's by the way, we've hired there in the past.

DaveHR    -- Jun-16-2016 @ 11:47 AM
  I cannot comment on the boat in question but, while on the Broads a couple of weeks ago we saw some top notch boats and some dog eared, scruffy boats in need of replacing or upgrading.
Most of these were Richardson boats - we had Sparkling Horizon from Richardson's and found it almost perfect - but some were in need of euthanasia.

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JimboC    -- Jun-16-2016 @ 3:38 PM
  Sparkling Horizon was on my list but SWMBO picked Reflection, they were always in top condition at Swancraft.

DAVIDH    -- Jun-16-2016 @ 4:31 PM
  Hi Jimbo,

We are on the Broads as we speak and I have seen quite a few of the old Swancraft boats out and about. I am sure internally they will be as good as when Swancraft had them but having passed a few their outsides do not seem quite so gleaming white as before. Perhaps Swancraft scrubbed the hull and superstructure before each takeover.

We have been on both Rapture (last year) and Reflection (3 years ago when it was just months old) and they are very similar inside. We prefer Rapture as it does not have the low wash stern which makes it difficult to get on and off at some stern mooring locations - if you have crew members who are not that nimble that is. The only other slight downside was that though Reflection has an island bed the walk round part is so narrow you need to shuffle sideways to get in and out.

Having said all that Reflection is the newer boat. One tip though - take a shaver adaptor socket. Neither boat has a dedicated shaver socket and it was only after the first night away that I realised someone had taken the supplied adaptor.


DaveHR    -- Jun-16-2016 @ 7:01 PM
  We found little to fault with Sparkling Horizon. Nice size boat with plenty of relaxation area.
The only two downsides were the size of the bathroom/toilet area which was more suited to those of less ample proportions and the 'walk around' double bed which required us to become contortionists to get in and out.

If you cannot say anything nice, best not to say anything.

JimboC    -- Jun-17-2016 @ 4:49 AM
  Hi DAVIDH, you're right about Swancraft cleaning the outside, there was a guy whose job it was to scrub all dirty marks from the outer hull, I've seen him doing it when we brought Rapture back, the yard owner once told me the boats weren't going out until they were up to his standard. Thanks for the heads up, I wanted to book the bigger boat again but my wife, having had a look aboard Reflection, fancied that so we'll see.

Captain    -- Jun-17-2016 @ 11:29 AM
  Hi Reflection is a lovely boat,small but perfectly formed.As others have stated we had two lads cleaning our hull at Swan before we were tied up! Unfortunately I doubt Richardson's have enough time to clean up to 260 boat hulls although in my opinion the Acle fleet looks slightly better kept however only one Swan boat is there,Moon Beam is a former Swan boat.

Have a great time.

fourjays    -- Jun-17-2016 @ 7:14 PM
  Has Moon Beam been renamed then?  I ask because it's not a Swancraft name, but looking at the interior on Richardson's website, it does look like a Swancraft.  It looks like Swan Ranger, which I think there were 2 in the class. So maybe Richardson's have renamed one of them.

Captain    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 4:22 PM
  Yes, one has been renamed,one is at Stalham the other at Acle


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