Topic: Advice on boats with radiator heating.

boat-mad    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 10:25 AM
  Hi all,
I am considering hiring a boat that is soley heated by radiators. Has anyone hired a boat with rads Can anyone please advise how efficient this type of heating is.  How does it compare with hot air heating, plusses and minuses.  
Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards

sadie    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 10:39 AM
only been on 1 boat with radiator heating [shimmering light]herbert woods nice 2 berth boat even got a bath.
stays warm for awhile can even dry towels ect on them.


SOS247    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 10:42 AM
They are okay. It generally  depends on the system however they can work fairly well.

Obviously they are not 'instant' like a hot air blowing type system but you shouldn't have any issues.

They normally heat the hot water as well.......

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Bitternboy    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 2:36 PM
  We have hired Broads Sunray for the last four years during October. The radiator heating is great, you wake up in the morning to a warm boat and hot showers. Our only problem was last year being October we did not run the boat as much as we should and they had put different batteries on so one morning the domestic power was not enough to fire up the boiler so you have to run the engine then press the reset button on the boiler (get them to show you where it is located) apart from that blip I would reccomend this boat especially for early or late season.

Alex&Lorna    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 3:04 PM
  Before owning a boat, we hired both Suncharm and Sunray at various times, and have to say the heating was very good.
One thing to bear in mind is to turn off the heating when cruising with the roof open - so easy to forget when you can't hear the noise etc, as with blown hot air.
This probably cost us a few quid -but our fault and no criticism of an excellent system

Alex & Lorna

CaptBryan    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 5:57 PM
  We hired a boat from Bridgecraft in Ely on the Great Ouse. It was an Alpha 29 funnily also called Sunray. The first 3 days were wet and cold and the radiator heating was fantastic. We dried our foulies in the shower/wet room and the cabin never had a hint of damp.

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garryn    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 6:45 PM
  It is normally only the most modern of Broads boats thst have radiator central heating. We do a lot of winter cruising on narrowboats and they normally always have radiators. These do keep the boat very warm and they also dry towels, etc. One of the problems with Broads boats is that there is often not a lot of wall space to fit radiators.


Siddy    -- Mar-3-2013 @ 8:46 PM
  We also hired Suncharm end of March time but while it's ok we couldn't get warm like a air heater. We also forgot to turn the stat down during the day and a foil deflector to get more heat out helped.
Instant hot water for shower great.
I ended up paying more for fuel on return.


Regulo    -- Mar-4-2013 @ 9:48 AM
  I've just fitted a water-based heater on Sunbird, but only had room for 1 radiator in the rear cabin. This works really well, the disadvantage being it doesn't provide instant heat like a hot-air system, the advantage being it carries on providing heat for a while after the boiler has shut down. Very nice for heating a towel, or nightwear!

Regards, Ray.

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boat-mad    -- Mar-4-2013 @ 12:35 PM
  Hi all,
Thanks very much for your responses they have helped me make up my mind and I have now booked Shimmering Light for 1 week commencing October 1st.  I am also on Brinks Emperor for 1 week commencing May 3rd.  so looking forward to that.  Thanks again...

Kind Regards

Marshman    -- Mar-4-2013 @ 9:00 PM
  I have to say that IMHO Broads hire cruisers still lack the necessities for out of season cruising, with radiators being an essential part of that.
I have never understood why yards on the Broads still insist on having fan heaters when 30 years ago on the canals it was commonplace to have airing cupboards and full central heating. I no longer study the brochures but I guess others do and I guess warm air heating on the canals is the exception and radiators the norm.

So why not on the Broads?

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