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pompeyboy    -- Aug-25-2012 @ 3:01 PM
  Hi all. I've just returned from a blinding week on the broads aboard Chelsea Bridge. Managed to get a last minute booking by booking on the Friday afternoon and going down on the sat morning for a swift 9.30am getaway  all on my own and I loved it. The main reason for writing, is the forenamed yard Silverline of Brundall. I stopped there during the course of the week to take on water and have never met such lovely people and the most immaculate yard I have ever seen! They had just one boat in, out of 20 they have and that was going out that day. This boat was as spotless as I've ever seen any hire boat and was invited to take a look onboard. Like new. 70% of their bookings annually are repeat custom I was told and it was apparent why. Many other yards could take many pointers on how to run a yard and take pride in their boats like Lesley & Colin Dye do. The likes of Summercraft,Royalls,Swancraft and Bridgecraft have extremely well maintained craft also but some of the boats I saw during the week were pretty awful and if I'm honest and I would not be at all happy if I'd turned up and paid a premium price for some of the beaten up,tired looking craft I saw on he river. So basically if you want a hire a top notch boat in pristine condition, silverline is your yard. Saying that I've just booked Broadsman for a week next year from Richardsons with friends so hope I'm not disappointed
Regards Paul

londonrascal    -- Aug-25-2012 @ 8:09 PM
  Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am pleased you had a great time from Bridge Craft but I am curious if I am understanding matters correctly that you hired solo from them?

I too do this, and indeed shall be again next week from Richardson's and there are (so it seems) an increasing number of us solo skippers out there so it is always good to note other boatyards who will let us hire from them

As for Silverline - I have always admired their boats - on their website they will even build you your own to specification - now that would be something!

| Robin |

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pompeyboy    -- Aug-26-2012 @ 12:18 PM
  Hi Robin. Yeah i've followed all your blogs so i know you've been going on your own on many occasions. Bridgecraft were more than happy to let me go solo as were Swancraft and when i visited Silverline and spoke to them, they would be more than happy to allow people go out on their own. I think its the case of showing your face personally and having a chat with the yards direct. Silverline will definitely be my next port of call for a solo cruise, if they have any boats available that is. Got a good deal by booking late and direct as well


inky    -- Aug-26-2012 @ 4:58 PM
  hi paul
i have to agree re silverline i hired silver sirocco last year for 2 weeks, spotless!!! though i must say cannot afford them next year so will have to 'rough it' with a rickos boat!!

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pompeyboy    -- Aug-26-2012 @ 5:40 PM
  Hi Ian
           We've decided to 'rough it' on one of rickos next year too but thats on one of their new Broadsmans so can't wait for that. Going to sneak in a long weekend in october as well so silverline will get a call from me for sure


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