Topic: Best pike location on the Northern Broads

dannyb1    -- Jan-20-2007 @ 7:55 PM
  Could anybody give advice as to the best location for pike fishing on the Northern Broads!  Not had much luck over the last few years, not sure if its location location location or just my tactics!  Usually use dead bait (smelt) and considering trying that and lures this year. Any advice or pointers would be great.



Dajen    -- Jan-30-2007 @ 1:44 PM
  River Yare and it's broads, In summer surface lures around the lily pads on the river margins And similar tactics on the Broads. Winter for best fish static deads either on the river or in the boat yards around Brundall or slow trolled live baits down the river margins and around the boatyard entrances.
Next best place Waveney between Beccles and Geldeston.

JennyMorgan    -- Jan-30-2007 @ 9:08 PM
  Strangely enough, although I am Waveney based, I have taken to fishing the Northern rivers. Not by way of a change but because the Waveney has been hammered and hot spots revealed on the web, the river is now a pathetic shadow of a few years ago. Where I go is, well, you'll have to do as I have done, find your own. But I am catching! As for the Yare, can be a tad crowded!

I am sorry that I am being less than helpful. The worst thing a pike angler can do is to share his successes on the internet, unless he wants every man and his dog fishing the same swim the following weekend.

Jenny Morgan,

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Robert Kett 1549.

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dannyb1    -- Jan-31-2007 @ 8:07 PM
  I can certainly understand the reasons for your comments! Being new to pike fishing, and only doing it with an experienced partner 1 week every year (who knows how to handle pike but is really that hot on the broads!) you will need to tell me more about these pikey places! what do they look like!!


BroadAmbition    -- Jan-31-2007 @ 10:42 PM
  Tell you what Clive, I'll swop one of your pikey places for one of mine if you like. I landed a 23Lb one at this location

One of these decades we WILL finish Broad Ambition !!

dannyb1    -- Feb-1-2007 @ 1:51 PM
  its as bad as the official secrets act round here!


Boatboy    -- Feb-1-2007 @ 2:47 PM
  your not having much luck Danny, the few places named are actually on the southern waters rather than the north!

There are one or two traditional pike fishing waters on that you may want to start with.

The river Thurne between Martham and Dungeon Coner plus Candle Dyke / White Slea between the Thurne and Hickling Broad.

Do be careful - some areas of the water up there have restricted access thru the winter for the protection of the wildlife.

There are one or two spots on the Ant as well, try the margins around the junction of the river to Stalham and the serval wide pools which are formed by the bends of the river.

Hopefully I have not been too specific to invoke the Fatwa of the Pike Mafia!

BroadAmbition    -- Feb-2-2007 @ 8:09 AM
  BoatBoy - No comment. Dannyb1 - Were you paying attention?

Clive, - Agree with your comments entirely, that is the only Photo I have ever taken of our Pike. Unhooking in the water is also my chosen method, but as you say only can be done in low freeboard situations, otherwise I use my mat, barbless hooks. spec net,in fact as a species the Pike have cost me a few pennies over the years.

Dannyb1 - if you really want to land a few Pike, then give Charlie Bettel a ring for a day trip out on the Yare, he provides everything including the boat, two of us did this a fair few years ago and I'm still using his unhooking methods, with practise it is far kinder to the fish. Incidentally my preferred bait is dead-bait - smelt, mackeral and lamphray always seem to do it for me. Lures and spinners have produced but only numerous Jacks, that is not to say it won't work for you as I'm sure it would for others.

Just to confuse the issue, sometimes we have caught in the most unlikley places that don't seem 'Pikey' at all. A tip is when ledgering / float fishing etc, put your pike rod out (Close to hand)with a large float and minimal depth to bait and just leave it to it's own devices. My 23Lb was caught at a depth of just 2ft down with the float literally bumping up against the reeds, Where? - It can be found in a popular book !!

As for the 'Secret Service' - you are most probably correct, they take lessons from Musiclive and JennyMorgan!

All the best in your endeavours, if you want further info from a 'semi-pro' on this site - ask 'BreamSlayer'  -  Griff

One of these decades we WILL finish Broad Ambition !!

dannyb1    -- Feb-3-2007 @ 9:26 PM
  sorry to say this but I am still in the dark, bit slow to catch on sometimes!



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dannyb1    -- Feb-3-2007 @ 9:28 PM
  Heres a pikey clip for all of the pike fisherman, think this one might have bitten off more than it could chew.



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BreamSlayer    -- Feb-4-2007 @ 7:27 PM
  dannyb1.  Just been through the YouTube link .Whats that all about with the snipe nose pliers for unhooking skimmer bream. Some boys these germans. Maybe they dont belive in disgorgers.  Tight Lines. Steve.

'You never told me it had to have SIX coats of varnish' !!

dannyb1    -- Feb-4-2007 @ 9:27 PM

I never saw that clip mate, but I do know the Germans have become slightly controversial as far as fishing is concerned.

Years ago when I was a kid I lived in Germany because my Dad is in the army, he used to take me fishing most weekends to various german lakes near where we lived, then one day the Germans banned the use of keepnets and everything caught had to be killed.  Hence no more fishing in Germany, even now all the Army sport fishing is done in Holland where my now old man is still taking part!


steve    -- Feb-4-2007 @ 9:37 PM
  hi danny ,
this is off topic question ,but noticed you mentioned you were out in Germany as your father was in the forces , may i ask where you stationed or based ? i to was in Germany ,was even born out there as my father to was in the forces , hope i spell this right Rintel, Hanover (where i was born ),Berlin . years from 1969 till 1978 ,

steve and vicky

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BreamSlayer    -- Feb-4-2007 @ 10:17 PM
  dannyb1.  You mentioned your dads still takeing part in the fishing in Holland . Just bookrd up recently for my annual weeks breaming holiday in Holland Place called De-Koeberg up near Heerde towards the German border. Fishing the vast river Issell, Vetch, and various lakes.Some right bream  to be had there.In fact I was only thinking  about it a few hours ago, about how the dutch  detect there bites, they attach a small bell to the end eye of the rod, and when they get a bite the bell dings, when I first saw it I shook my head but I had to accept it works when the guy pulled out a 6,lb beauty.    Tight Lines,  Steve.

'You never told me it had to have SIX coats of varnish' !!

dannyb1    -- Feb-4-2007 @ 10:29 PM
  Hi all

Vicky my Dad was staioned in Bunde / (Hohne thats Bergen/Fallingbostel area not far from Hanover) Bielefeld and is now doing a final 3 year stint in Sennelager.  I was myself born in germany at BMH Munster, and the place you are taking about Rinteln is now nearly all but forgotten.  The only thing remaining is Prince Rupert School.  The camp is no longer used and the hospital closed. I know that the school is soon going to be relocated also.

Bream slayer, yep I know he goes to heerde and he does fish the issell.  He goes on 2 trips each year for a week each time and I think that the trips he does might be run from a angling shop round London somewhere.  I can find out the details if you are interested.


BreamSlayer    -- Feb-6-2007 @ 6:07 PM
  Hi Danny.  Thanks for that but were sorted mate. We book with a firm called Anglers World Holidays from Chesterfield. If your still wanting info on the pike fishing will pm you with our favorite spots.  Tight Lines.    Steve.

'You never told me it had to have SIX coats of varnish' !!

CPW2006    -- Feb-6-2007 @ 7:03 PM
then one day the Germans banned the use of keepnets and everything caught had to be killed

Oh - I remember those days oh so very well!!  I spent nearly 15 years serving in Germany between 1971 and 1992 and took part in a hell of a lot of coarse fishing matches!!  It got that bad with the Germans that when we used to hold a match on the River Weser (similar to the Trent for its flow perhaps?), we used to post a lookout with binos at intervals down the bank.  If they spotted anyone giving us too much attention, we used to weigh what fish we had caught, release them and then carry on!!  Some Germans even used to try and photograph us from the opposite bank - it's amazing how far you can catapult some well impregnated ground bait!!  Evil Grin   Ah - those were the days until I got posted to Munster and then we organised all our matches in nearby Holland!!  Drift over - sorreee!!



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dannyb1    -- Feb-6-2007 @ 7:41 PM
  Breamslayer if you could pm your locations that would be great.  Will be on the Northern Broads in a few weeks so anywhere you know up there would be a big help! (and this cold snap better have passed on by then!)

CPW2006 I remember seeing a small speedboat on the weser once by the motorway bridges near Bad Oyenhausen, the river was flowing that fast the boat was struggling to make way up stream!  


BroadAmbition    -- Feb-15-2007 @ 12:08 AM
  Dannyb1, I've just clicked onto sommat here. Our Secretary also lives in Beverley. BreamSlayer and I live just East of Doncaster. Broad Ambition currently resides in Blaxton. You are only a stones throw away from our lot and our project!  -  Griff

One of these decades we WILL finish Broad Ambition !!

dannyb1    -- Feb-15-2007 @ 8:11 PM
  Would you like me to come and give you a hand, I know nothing of restoring boats, buy you could borrow my hands at least!!


BroadAmbition    -- Feb-16-2007 @ 11:18 AM
  Hi Danny, No not after your hands as we are into the final stages now and it is really all the skilled bits that we are on with and I have managed to allocate to the various hands quite well.  Just thought that maybe you would want to pay us a visit and meet us / boat etc.  -  Griff

One of these decades we WILL finish Broad Ambition !!

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