Topic: Pike Fishing on the Bure

leighander    -- Jan-27-2005 @ 12:00 PM
  Has anybody done much pike fishing on the Bure recently?if so where ids fishing well?

Freako    -- Apr-27-2005 @ 1:54 PM
  Hi,I fish the Broads on a regular basis, pike are strange creatures but one area I have always found productive on the Bure is around the Swan bend near the Swan Hotel, bear in mind though the close season which is between March 14 to June the 16th

The Budgie Man

billmaxted    -- Apr-27-2005 @ 2:43 PM
  You raise an interesting question in the golden olden days Pike Fishing was allowed in the close season. Presumably so that preditors were less likely to reduce stocks is this so today? Shame we cannot shoot cormarants as well they play merry hell with the Kingfishers attempts to fish

I know you knew what you were doing, dear, but you still hit the other boat! Bill...

Boatboy    -- Apr-27-2005 @ 2:53 PM
  you're right Bill, there used to be a separate close season for Pike, again that dissappeared a few years ago.

J&B    -- Apr-27-2005 @ 8:07 PM
  I have always found Ant mouth,to be excellent for pike. I always moor at St bennetts, and start pike fishing when the light is beginning to get low, and the boats dwindle to an occasional late runner.

As to the off season, I fish lochlomond for pike, all year round, as there is no close season in scotland for course fish. They say the close season is to preserve stocks, but there has been no dwindling of fish stocks up here, and our rivers are abundant with them, and all private waters that allow out of season fishing, have stated that this does not effect the fish population, as all catches are returned unharmed...This is one reason that I never hire a boat on the broads between 14th march and 16th june..Bit of a blow really, cause both Betty and I love to fish in these early months,and in all these years we have never had to kill a fish yet.

                         J & B. Confused

thequaggy    -- Apr-9-2015 @ 10:47 AM
  Last year one of my guests caught fifty two pike up to 18 lb each in a week . he's coming back for the third time

BUDGIE    -- Apr-21-2015 @ 10:43 AM
  One thing I will say is that although once the season opens again on June 16th its not generally a good idea to pike fish once the water warms up. This is due to higher water temperatures meaning lower dissolved oxygen levels. As Pike fight much harder in warmer water than they do in the Winter it leaves them more exhausted. Once returned (no matter how quickly) they can struggle to recover due to this lower DO and although may swim off seemingly unharmed often die later. We all know how our Broads Pike get hammered by both good anglers, visiting casual ones (and sadly yet again) Prymnesium so why not give them a rest whilst at their most we've got some left to catch next Autumn/Winter?

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