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Mitchsnake    -- Jul-16-2005 @ 9:54 PM
  Hi, I am 12 and going on holiday to stalham on monday and am taking some fishing rods.

I was wondering if anyone could help me set my rods up. I have been fishing for a few weeks now but still don't know hot to set up a float properly.

I normally find the depth of water then put the float on the line and put 2 weights either side of the float then a couple of smaller weights down the line and tie the hook on. So the hook length is the depth of the water.

Is that right? is it best to always fish on the bottom and also how do i know where the fish are. Do i just put a maggot on the hook, cast out and if i don't catch anything then move on somewhere else?

I also need help with carp hair rigs.

I have been given hair rigs , and i just need to attatch a boilie which i can do. But at the other end of the rig there is a loop. do i just tie my line to theat loop, put a big weight on and cast out. do i neeed a certain float?

Any help would be greatly appreatiated. Thanks

moonfleet    -- Jul-16-2005 @ 11:08 PM
  hi mitchsnake.
if you go to
this may help you.and save me a lot of wrighting as my keeboard on my lap top is playing up.
hope this will help you .
all the best in your fishing.

michael & tony

craigspc2000    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 1:23 AM
  Hi Mitchsnake and welcome to our forum.

It's almost 2:30am over here where I live, but I thought I'd have a quick hunt on the internet for some nice reading for you. I haven't had a chance to read through it all myself, but I hope it will be useful.    

I looked for something that was layed out in sections, because I thought that you might like to print it out and have something to read on your journey.

Have a great holiday on the broads and please let us know how you got on:

Float fishing articles:  

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Bye for now,
Craig (2)

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moonfleet    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 9:43 AM
  hi craig (2).
the web site you have posted for mitchsnake.
are a lot more helpful than the one that i got for him.
thanks .

michael & tony

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 10:07 AM
  Hi, these links are great and really helped me. Thankyou so much. I really appretiate all the help and i should now catch some decent fish.

I am going to print every bit of info that i get from everyone  and take it with me. I have also wrote notes of some of the best places to fish on the broads that i got from this forum.

Will take pics of the fish i catch and post it on here when i come back along with the exact location caught, haven't got scales though so can't weigh the fish if i get big ones. lol

Thanks everyone.

billmaxted    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 10:27 AM
  You'll have to help Grant out as well Smile  one thing I would say is don't use a keep net in this weather release them straight back in the river. Quite a lot of good sized fish have been floating about dead in the heat they need to be able to be able to breath and the salinity level must be quite high because there are Sea Bass on Breydon at the moment edibale sized one at that.

"I know we are up the bank, but I didn't think the ducklings were going to get out of the way"  Bill...

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moonfleet    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 10:29 AM
  hope you have a good time and the fishing is great for you. look out for moonfleet if you are up oulton broud way and give us a wave.
all the best to you all and have a good holiday.
mick Smile

michael & tony

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:29 AM
  ok will look out for moonfleet. Thanks everyone for all your help. Won't use a keepnet then, was going to but don't want to harm the fish so will leave it at home.

Can't wait till tomorrow. Going to do some night fishing with my dad as well. Really excited.  Smile

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:31 AM
  oh one more thing, is it worth me doing some carp fishing. Are there many carp in the broads?

If so wheres the best place to fish for carp.

billmaxted    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:40 AM
  If you hunt round you find there are some threads sbout carp fishing.

If night fishing and using a gas latern just check with the yard, if on your own boat keep any opened gas appliance and any spent cartridges in the gas locker they can leak especially if they get hot. Not obvious because the flow of gas in use cools the remaining contents which later expand.

Good luck anyway always want to night fish at your age but my grandfather never took me Mad

"I know we are up the bank, but I didn't think the ducklings were going to get out of the way"  Bill...

moonfleet    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:41 AM
  hi mitchsnake.
forget carp fishing if you are going to  stick on the rivers thy are about but not a lot .
but some one will no different .
stick to bream perch ect

michael & tony

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:45 AM
  night fishing is the best time to fish in my opinion. Won't be using a lantern. just a torch or

My dad was saying that we could moor up for the night then get off the boat and set everything up on the bank and have a little portable barbecue or something.

I just hate all the spiders etc at night. Anyway i hope i catch some big fish. Do bream feed off the bottom, middle or top and whats the best bait for them, Maggotts?


Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:49 AM
  ok won't be carp fishing then. I like spinning for perch and pike but im just worrying because if i get a 20lb + pike i don't know how to handle it, and me and my dad dont fancy putting our hands up inside its chin.

If i do get one i will probably hold it down while my dad gets the spinner out with the

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:53 AM
  biggest pike i ever caught was with my friend at a drain in boston in lincolnshire (where i live) on a spinner.

You can see me holding it in the picture. didn't weigh it but im guessing its around 6 - 7 lb, it looks alot smaller in the picture than it actually was in real

when i got that pike in i laid it on the bank and kneeled over it so that it was in between my legs. Then i got the spiner out,lol.

moonfleet    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 12:02 PM
  hi if you go to one of the sites that we sent you and have a look at feeder fishing.i fish for bream this way. Smile

michael & tony

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 12:09 PM
  ok, have printed everything on there already. going to read it shortly. thanks

billmaxted    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 12:23 PM
  In the evening round here the fish are close to the surface and sometimes we have pike 'jumping' after them. If you see it stop fishing for a while it's worth watching a master fisherman at work, just magic  Smile

"I know we are up the bank, but I didn't think the ducklings were going to get out of the way"  Bill...

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 2:11 PM
  cool, will look out for that. it would be brill to see a pike at work. Now im even more excited. didn't sleep last night, dredding going to bed

billmaxted    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 2:28 PM
  Just imagine you'r tucked up in your bunk and the wavelettes are lapping at the hull you'll soon be off and at least you won't have some b*****d little coot pecking at the waterline at 4.00am in the morning

"I know we are up the bank, but I didn't think the ducklings were going to get out of the way"  Bill...

tonyb    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 9:08 PM
  either for the journey or when u get there i would recommend buying a copy of 'improve your course fishing'magazine lots of good tips with very clear pictures of how to set up tackle & baits to use,this months has a cd backed up by columns in the mag on plumbing your float correctly, tight lines.


craigspc2000    -- Jul-17-2005 @ 11:06 PM
  Although Mitchsnake probably won't see this message before heading off to the broads, I'm glad he liked the info that we gave him.

It's a small world though.  I used to live in Boston at his age too.

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-18-2005 @ 6:59 AM
  hi, just come on here quickly before i go to see if any new posts.

Yeah got the improve your coursefishing magazine. It's the one with matt hayes carp dvd on front isnt it?

Thanks for everyones help. have printed some stuff out to take with me so hould catch some fish. will take pics of all the big fish i get and post em when i come back.

What year did you used to live in boston. You might know my brother becuase i swear ive seen you before. you look like one of my bros old m8s years ago. seen you on the pike photos. Nice pike! massive

C ya guys. going in a couple hours.

Mitchsnake    -- Jul-25-2005 @ 3:25 PM
  hi, just got back from the holiday.

Fishing was pretty good. I caught five 7 - 8 lb bream at oulton broad. Just before you come into the wide open bit there is mooring on the left.

Only enough room for 2 boats. its the bit where theres a pathway leading to the town. and theres lots of rabbits on the bank.

I caught 5 in 10 mins at dusk on a feeder with groundbait.

I also caught a pike which was about 6lb . It was on the way back from coltishall. i was trailling a spinner behind the boat. I know your not supposed to but no one was

I didnt have scales so couldnt weigh any of the fish.

Will put the pictures on here of the pike and bream as soon as they are developed.

Also caught lots of small roach and a small perch. wheres all the big roach and

There was 3 massive perch at coltishall . we was moored near the pub. forgot what its called. its got sun in its name i think.

I was float fishing and i had my polaroids on and i looked over the boat at there were 3 massive perch. They were huge. They was definetly about 7 - 8lb. I am not joking. They was way over the world record. I know it may sound stupid but they was. I called all the other fishermen that was close by and they all came onto the boat and had a look and they all was shocked.

We all tried tempting them with spinners and worms but they just ignored the bait so we couldnt get them. But when i saw them my heart sank. I couldnt believe how big they were.

I had a good holiday though. I saw a few moonfleet boats but didnt know which one was yours. there was moon light, moon haze, and a few others.

I can't wait to go to the broads again though. It was brilliant fishing. couldnt find any big roach or perch apart from the ones we seen.

moonfleet    -- Jul-25-2005 @ 6:29 PM
  glad you had a good time .

michael & tony

roya    -- Jul-25-2005 @ 6:48 PM
  Hi Mick And Tony
could you please put a photo of a fish on in case i ever catch one lol


now about my bilges.

moonfleet    -- Jul-25-2005 @ 8:36 PM
  hi roy

michael & tony

moonfleet    -- Jul-25-2005 @ 8:37 PM

michael & tony

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