Topic: Art Studio to visit St Olaves

artydenise    -- Jan-19-2022 @ 9:30 AM
  I have an art studio in St Olaves, a few inutes walk from the moorings. I have regular open studios, but if you know when you will be here and want to visit the studio, just get in touch. If I can I will open for you. for contact details.

Hylander    -- Jan-20-2022 @ 8:34 AM
  Thank you for letting us know.

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JollyRodger    -- Jan-20-2022 @ 10:50 AM
  It's well worth a visit, especially when the rhododendrons are in bloom. Some excellent walks near to the studio and there is an excellent pub nearby.

Jolly Roger

artydenise    -- Jan-20-2022 @ 11:53 AM
  Thank you. The azalias are spectacular too. Hope to see in the studio again soon.

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