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Ian_B_68    -- Nov-22-2021 @ 10:58 PM
  Hi all, new to the forum and just wondered if anyone knows of the Ex Herbert Woods Bourne 35's that were named Glistening Stream and in particular No2.
I have been on and gleaned some info but any other information anyone can shed on the history would be greatly received.

TerryTibbs    -- Nov-23-2021 @ 10:33 AM
  Hi, I take it you have bought her? If so how have you determined she is Glistening stream 2, Welcome


if it is to be it is up to me.

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byrongee    -- Nov-23-2021 @ 6:06 PM
  Ex Herbert Woods boat perhaps may have been named Glistening LIGHT?
Welcome and best wishes, Brian.


tadlow2    -- Nov-23-2021 @ 6:42 PM
  We hired glistening stream 2 from Southgates at Horning I think  it was sometime in the late 80s early 90s. Pennant holidays.

'That bridge seems a Tad Low Too'

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webntweb    -- Nov-23-2021 @ 6:44 PM
  According to Craig's database: Glistening Stream 2 (Southgates) was renamed Glistening Light 6 and later Glistening Heart 2 before finally becoming Glistening Heart 1.
Craig didn't have any record of it after 2002.

Ian_B_68    -- Nov-23-2021 @ 10:00 PM
  Thank you everyone for your replies.
we have just bought her and when for sale it was not known which number she would of been apart from either 2,3 or 6. We know she is a Herbert Woods boat and after taking some of the interior out we have found GS no2 on a lot of the slats under the rear seats and also on the insides of some other removable panels and are guessing it relates to when she was built or other works carried out and was written to show which boat the items were allocated to (please correct if i'm wrong)
The dates all coincide too and we know she was off the Broads in 2005 as she has a Waterways number allocated and an old licence to that year.

pirate    -- Nov-25-2021 @ 12:22 PM
  That wouldn't have a broads reg of T502 by any chance ?


Ian_B_68    -- Nov-25-2021 @ 9:54 PM
  No, T502 was No1 according to Clives records

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