Topic: VERY large boat for sale - useable?

Karen&Mike    -- Sep-24-2021 @ 9:21 AM
  Just noticed a huge Humber Keel boat for sale on the Southern Broads ( on one of the big brokers websites ).

At 61 feet long and 18 feet wide I thought that exceeded the Broads regulations on vessel sizes ? But as it is a houseboat does that mean those rules don't apply ? It seems to have an engine and helm but presumably doesn't go anywhere. Is that perhaps how it is allowed to stay on the water at a permanent position without planning permission (no idea if it has or hasn't). In other words it could move off if required. I seem to remember something about this particular aspect with reference to a permanent timber structure (to form a home)  being built on an empty hull down near Norwich a few years ago.

I'm just interested as to how this all sits within the requirements for boats on the Broads and residential living within that. £250k is a lot of money if you are going to face some planning hurdles or restrictions.

I'm not wishing to do that myself I hasten to add. Just noticed how big it was and that got me thinking...


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annville    -- Sep-24-2021 @ 11:34 AM
  Hi Karen Yes you can sail it on the broads not as easy as a bounty BUT each to his own. John

ruby    -- Sep-24-2021 @ 12:28 PM

The size limits you refer to do not cover all the Broads area. The yare and I believe oulton are exempt .

This is mainly because it is theoretically still possible to get a sea going cargo ship up to Norwich if you should so wish.

The port of Norwich was still a going concern as recently as 1971.Not that recent I know but you get my drift..

I know this because I applied for a job at the port at that time  


Greybeard    -- Sep-24-2021 @ 8:30 PM
  big boat,, you say,that's not a big boat,, this is a big boat.,
wonder what the bridge pilots would make of this?

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