Topic: Looking for our old boat: Cecilie reg 652X

Jessmackay100    -- May-16-2021 @ 4:42 PM
  Looking for our old boat which is now on the Broads - can you help?
She is registered with the Broads Authority under 'Cecilie', number 652X.
She’s a 14’6” clinker ‘open boat cruiser’, built by my Grandad from plans in a Motor Boat & Yachting magazine in 1939. She has an inboard engine, and should still have a mast.
I would love to find her and to know she’s not rotting slowly somewhere and still being enjoyed in the water.  Or to rescue her if that's what she needs. She was my Grandad's pride and joy. I know that she is currently tolled which sounds like good news
Please do get in touch if you know of her, she is incredibly special.

steve    -- May-16-2021 @ 4:57 PM
  Hi there ,
Welcome to the forum,  ive looked on this website  and says not much than you already say , but if its tolled for this year on the broads, then its good news as you say as shes afloat and on the broads somewhere  , hope you get reunited with her

steve and vicky
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Jessmackay100    -- May-16-2021 @ 5:40 PM
  Thank you!

Paladine    -- May-16-2021 @ 6:02 PM
Another welcome to the forum from me.

If you write to the Tolls Office, explaining your interest and enclosing a letter to the current owner in a stamped envelope, the very helpful tolls office staff may well forward the letter for you. They are not allowed to give out owner details, though.

You might like to ring them first, in case they are no longer as helpful as they used to be.

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Jessmackay100    -- May-16-2021 @ 8:35 PM
  That's a really great idea thank you - I hadn't thought of that.

Hylander    -- May-17-2021 @ 7:16 AM
  I tried to track 652X and although usually very good I could not find her on this site.    Although it says canal it does show most waterways.

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Jessmackay100    -- May-17-2021 @ 4:47 PM
  Thanks for searching.

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