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Asterix    -- Sep-9-2017 @ 8:11 AM
  Hi all
Whilst doing an online search on the Teliga 20 it showed that there have previously been Teliga's on the Broads
Does anyone currently have one or know of these boats

Mercator    -- Sep-9-2017 @ 3:27 PM
  Hi, Asterix, and welcome to the Forum  Smile

The only reference to a Teliga 20 appears on Craig Slawson's excellent database ( gallery ) as 'Teliga Moon' - A938.

It was listed in 1990, but no longer registered as of 1997.


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Karen&Mike    -- Sep-9-2017 @ 3:42 PM
  Also  Teliga Sunrise, Broads reg no S638. A Teliga 21,  no longer registered.  Such a shame there are no pics attached to either record.


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Asterix    -- Sep-9-2017 @ 6:34 PM
  Hi all
Thanks for replies

I have the Teliga called Sunrise and looking to find out some of its history

I was aware of the Teliga's previously being registered on The Broads and was hopeful that their previous owners may still be visible or have newer boats on The Broads

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