Topic: boy andrew 1953 herbert woods boat was it g formby

mix    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 10:18 AM
  hi I am looing for some history on my broads boat she was built in 1953 at herbert woods its called boy andrew and had a sister boat zuma 2 only what i have been told and people always say was it george formby boats so if anyone can help i would appreciate it

ChrisHGB    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 6:11 PM
  Although a great friend of Herbert Woods I am pretty sure the Lady Beryl was build by Windboats. They owned it and cruised the Broads until their deaths in 1960 and 1961.


I have swallowed the anchor but
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ChrisHGB    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 6:17 PM
  Actually I should have checked before I replied but I am correct it was built in 1950 by Windboats and it is on the UK Historic Ships Register.
I am sorry I am unable to post a link but google George Formby's Boats and the National Historic Ships UK. Site.


I have swallowed the anchor but
have not tried mud weight yet!

garryn    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 6:31 PM
  George Formby had at least 3 boats at different times and at least one was built at Herbert Woods. At least 2 was built Windboats .

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ChrisHGB    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 7:04 PM
  The jist of HBR is this was their cruiser from 1950 to 1961. I know he owned a day type boat also but have not seen a third mentioned. Will try to find out.There is reference to a Twin Screw seagoing Graham Bunn boat also that passed through Boat showrooms of London a little while ago.
One wonders if Formby boats are a bit like Mercedes and Masseratis driven by Fangio, the word "reputed" springs to mind. I have the Biography of HW written by his daughter, I shall have a flick through when I get a minute as there is quite a lot of reference to GF.


I have swallowed the anchor but
have not tried mud weight yet!

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Steve51    -- Jun-18-2016 @ 7:17 PM
  Here's a link to Boy Andrew on Craig's database, but I couldn't tell you if there's a connection to Formby.

Steve. CM1 and NR12

mix    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 10:19 AM
  hi thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it your very kind.

mix    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 10:32 AM
  the pics are correct boy andrew is 33ft x 10ft 6 when i purchased the boat she was not in a great way she is lovely again weird thing I found a kevin craft plate in with stuff but it has a herbert woods plaque which has never been removed .

eddybear    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 2:26 PM
  As far as I know, the day boat that George Formby Owned Was called Beryl after His dear wife as all his boats were,And the last I heard was for sale and had been rebuilt by Russell Marine of South Walsham.

All the best Ted.

Captain    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 5:42 PM
  Hi, When my Dad was a lad he met George Formby and his wife Beryl and they invited him aboard one of the Lady Beryl's, I can't ask him any specifics as he is no longer alive however I do remember him clearly stating it was moored at Herbert Woods yard, it was either an aft cockpit or sedan type boat built by Herbert Woods. Strangely only the Windboat centre cockpits get mentioned these days and I am certain it wasn't one of those, so he must have had atleast three boats over the years.


mix    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 8:33 PM
  thanks  for your help

mix    -- Jun-19-2016 @ 8:35 PM
  interesting  info from  all of you so grateful people are so helpful
thanks so much

TourBay66    -- May-19-2021 @ 4:59 AM
  Hi Mix, I'm new to this Forum and have just come accross your post.  We had two wonderful holidays on the Boy Andrew in (I think) 1965 and 1967.  I still have many photos of the boat from those holidays.  Would be happy to email them to you.

ADI    -- May-19-2021 @ 7:04 PM
  Hi tourbay66 you might be better sending Mix a PM, that way he will get a email notification,

welcome to the forum


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