Topic: Ex-Who?

3164du    -- Jan-9-2006 @ 10:05 PM
  Hi all, my first quiz question for you lot, i expect it to be guessed in 20 minutes though!!

I spotted this Wooden Broads cruiser yesterday at Denver on the River Ouse, looking a bit sad and neglected, anyone know who she is??

Please note i dont actually know, just thought one of you lot would!!


3164du    -- Jan-9-2006 @ 10:09 PM
  and another pic of her.....

3164du    -- Jan-9-2006 @ 10:13 PM
  and the final one...


3164du    -- Jan-10-2006 @ 10:02 PM
  nearly a day and not a single reply????


Craig    -- Jan-10-2006 @ 10:24 PM

Your photo is of an old Woods boat called variously Happytime, Dazzling Light and Gay Stream - I have 9 listed in the database, but I haven't seen any of them since 1997

There is a photo of D112

Note, you might have had no responses because the files you uploaded were very large - for posting to the forum, it is worth reducing them in size (to c100-200k) a bit so they load better - those in the depths of Norfolk still have dial up connections


BOF2    -- Jan-10-2006 @ 10:45 PM
  I am glad that Craig came up with the answer. I was about to suggest that it was a salvaged hull with a DIY superstructure by someone who had spent too long in the Jenyns Arms.

BOF - Clive

3164du    -- Jan-10-2006 @ 11:01 PM
  Yes it does look like someones been having fun on the back cabin, and that lovely chimney!! Bye the way the boat is still used.


Craig    -- Jan-11-2006 @ 4:55 PM
  That strange step in the roof is original, however, the chimney isn't, would have caused holidaymakers a few problems with bridges Evil Grin


dannyboy    -- Jan-11-2006 @ 5:23 PM
  Not to mention the wind generator Craig!!  Playful


Pandamonium    -- Jan-12-2006 @ 11:01 AM
  Hi Craig,
The boat in question was built by Herbert Freeman of Beccles. The Herbert Woods connection comes in when Freeman retired and sold his yard to Woods. The yard is actually still there on the left hand bank above Beccles Bridge, although it is now used as storage rather than a boat yard. We used to have a one of his other boats, which was a Joytime class.



billmaxted    -- Jan-12-2006 @ 11:16 AM
  Am I right in thinking Chris, that originally these had a pram type softtop which folded neatly into the recess behind the wheelhouse

'There's nothing virtual about this you silly Twit we really are aground whatever your GPS says!'  Bill...

Pandamonium    -- Jan-12-2006 @ 11:44 AM
They have always had a sliding roof, but the boats that you are thinking of where built just down the river at Hippersons. The Hipperson version was very similar, but had a pram hood, and 2 windows in the cabin front, whereas the Freeman version had a single window in the cabin front. There is an example of the Freeman up at MarthAm that has been restored by a lovely couple, and some friends of the family have a hippersons version which is kept in the wetshed at richardsons. I have to say that if you  didnt know they came from different yards, you would be hard pressed to tell them apart!


Craig    -- Jan-15-2006 @ 5:28 PM
  Hi Chris,

I had wondered if there was a Beccles connection, one because of the similarity to Hipperson 32 and (2) because many of the other ...time boats originated at Freemans, however, fraid my catalogues don't go back far enough - do you know when Freeman sold his boats to Woods & Richardsons, 'cos a number appear to be c mid-60s vintage?

I really do need to pick your brains more Evil Grin

jill_R    -- Aug-9-2009 @ 1:08 PM
  hi johnny

good to see the old lady is getting some TLC

im on the same mission with my herbert woods.

perhaps you could start a thread in the projects  section ?

it would be nice to watch the progress.


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jill_R    -- Aug-14-2009 @ 9:25 PM
hi johnny

heres a link

Craig    -- Aug-24-2009 @ 7:59 PM
  Since the original posting, I've found a lot more about this design - it was designed by Arnott Fowler, who I was please to meet for the first time at the VWBA Rally - her also designed the Hipperson's version with the canvas canopy, hence the similarity.

Girlie Swot 03/04/09 Wink

Mark_H    -- Jan-25-2013 @ 1:33 PM
  I can tell you a bit more about the boat, i bought it from anglia yacht brokers in 1996 and moved it to the river ouse closer to home it was called watersdown when we got it but its original name was gay stream 4 reg no. was E20 i sold it in 2000 and it was in great condition then, was very sad to see these photos of it. I fitted the wood burning stove in it hence the chimney but for some reason the next owner has fibreglassed over the roof and the lovely 1" thick mahogany sides. I was told that the boat was built by Hippersons in 1965 Hope this helps

Regulo    -- Jan-25-2013 @ 2:00 PM
  See, people, everything comes to he who waits. three and a half years, in this case!

Hi, Mark_H, and welcome to the Forum! Where on earth did you dig this thread up from? Whatever, fascinating bit of history to have, there are plenty of mysteries waiting to be solved. Thanks for your input.

Regards, Ray.

If it's neither here, nor there, then where is it?

Mark_H    -- Jan-25-2013 @ 2:52 PM
  Glad i could help, was having a quiet morning at work so i googled the boat name and this thread popped up, i wish i had never sold the boat i have a painting of it on the wall at home in happier times, who knows i may get it back one day !  Smile

BOATERS    -- Jan-25-2013 @ 7:38 PM
  Ah the Jennings. Arms,( mentioned earlier )many a good night there
when we were moored on the Ouse,I wonder are the  Peacocks  still
there ?  Looks like  it could be a cosy  boat

Roy and Diane

Hope to see you on the river,

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