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650XS    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 7:29 PM
  what is your favourite boat.......or boats..

hire boats , cruisers to speed boats to dinghy to  a classic yacht, what floats yer boat !!!!

old and new ...............

original or modified

there is beauty in all..........

floater and boats and all......

remember a boat is a she .....

i love them all....


ADI    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 8:20 PM
  Has to be a woods 36 or woods 42

photo of the 36


Adrian, Michelle, Beck and Braydon,
the crew of FERZAN.

JennyMorgan    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 8:25 PM
  Not sure that I find much appeal in either floaters or sinkers!

But as far as boats are concerned, please see my avatar!

Jenny Morgan,
A vane, a boat, but not a

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Steve51    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 8:26 PM
  Bourne 35, Ernest Collins build. Beautiful boat.

Steve. CM1

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SuPine    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 8:29 PM
  Without any doubt, river cruisers - awe inspiring!

“... loves to have her sails filled with a lusty wind, even till her sail-yards tremble, her mast cracks and she runs on her side so low that she drinks water, and her keel ploughs air”

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BroadAmbition    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 9:03 PM
For me its the Broom Admiral, along with a certain Powles Star Supreme Class  Playful Wink

Plus any of those magnificent river cruisers in Sue's excellent photo

Oh and one of those Fairey Marine Swordsman - Yes Please


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jimretter    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 9:30 PM
  Like J.M. see my avatar after 14 years of owning her I would not change.
But if it was a cruiser then one of the Martham fleet would meet the bill.

springsong    -- Jan-6-2013 @ 10:39 PM
  Jamarc a 45' Bates has to be a contender for me.


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Ebbtide    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 4:54 PM
  I would have to say,  a classic wooden boat. Having restored a few, I would have to say, they are a labour of love. But oh so beautiful.


Japonica    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 6:05 PM
  650xs this would be my ideal, Wherry Yacht Norada. Had the pleasure of helming this beautiful boat when in the care of Dear Barney Matthews, he let me sail her up the Ant and round Barton Broad whilst he retired below for a read!
A stunning yacht in both exterior and interior.

philr    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 8:22 PM
You know what floats my boat as you sold us the bit that the wasps didn't eat.  Grateful though that you helped us restore her to somewhere near to her past glory.

For everybody else, ours is Star Glory III also known as Isabel.
She is not quite as Jack Powles intended but is our pride and joy.
Up and and running and good for the chi - magic!

You need to be nuts to own an old woody.  We admit to being happy nut cases M'lud.

Phil R

soulier46    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 8:42 PM
  My Favourite was the Siesta from Richardsons,but due to a special occasion my wife and I have gone for a Carousel also from Richardsons this year so hopefully that will be our Favourite.Has anybody had this cruiser and offer their views it looks great so here's hoping can't wait as usual.

650XS    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 9:10 PM
  great just read these replies and love the reports so far ...

any one can comment hire boats and all,good or bad happy or sad .....

doesn't,t have too be a local boat any boat or ship little or small we love them all......

what ever floats your s ............

"song of joy"......"crown of light"

and of coarse" doris"

"broom 45" why i dont know ?????

fairey " fire fly" to a sportyak

may be the odd broom speed boat or two

woodies to fibre glass..............

floating or sat on the grass....

boats present and boat past..........

lets see some more .............

and make me and me ship mates go ..give me  "an oar"


JennyMorgan    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 9:17 PM
  I can remember Doris in happier days, as I can the Enchantress. Indeed Enchantress was probably the most beautiful boat ever to use the Broads, and she was a 'stinky'!!

I once worked with a man who took Doris to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. That must have been a trip and a half!!

Jenny Morgan,
A vane, a boat, but not a

If ignorance is bliss, then
why aren't there more happy
people about?

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650XS    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 9:31 PM
  me and" doris" and" kim" on the river bank having a chat on board with the piano in the front cabin ....

always a welcome break when chasing boats up and down the river.....

a cup of tea for me and " how yer doing boy " from kim

great days .............

JennyMorgan    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 9:39 PM
  Kim as in skipper of White Moth? Ace bloke!

Jenny Morgan,
A vane, a boat, but not a

If ignorance is bliss, then
why aren't there more happy
people about?

londonrascal    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 11:10 PM
  For me it has to be the Poweles 36 – it looks so dominating from the front, yet gracious from the side and a real ‘boat’ what with its port holes in the hull.

I remember when Pennant Holidays were going, they had a couple and always thinking how cool it would be to hire it, but equally after a school friend and his dad went on a Pennant boat and what a disaster that was my family vowed never to risk it.

But as a runner up  I would say  the Aquafibre Lowliner 38.


Because I don’t think there was anything before or since that has encompassed it’s design – put a ‘fly bridge’ on a boat that has an airdraft of about 7ft and not look terrible to the eye is impressive, next up place the engine under the outside seating area and mean that internally you loose no real space – it is not under a birth and does not have to be the dreaded hydraulic drive system.  It in many ways retains the practical low freeboard, and single level internally of a ‘bath tub’ but looks pretty much like a ‘proper boat’ from the outside.

It was a boat back in 1991 my family and I hired – River Tamar – and if memory serves me correctly was new that year – Blue Chip boat none the less.  The ‘stretched’ 44ft version looks a bit less stylish externally but envy anyone who has one of these as  their own for the things you could do with the layout.

|  Robin  |

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londonrascal    -- Jan-7-2013 @ 11:22 PM
  Here she is again (image taken from Pennant Holidays 1988 brochure) Dan Horner's link:

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Maurice_Mynah    -- Jan-8-2013 @ 9:20 AM
  Hmmm Pennant holidays.... Don't get me started!!

I have been a while thinking about the original question and have re-phrased it in my mind as I couldn't come up with just one favourite.

I put it in 'Lottery win mode'. What would I buy if I won the Euro-lottery after several rollovers? IE money no object!... Answer, Several boats.

Given that 'My house' has sufficient moorings for these, Id have...

1 Diamond Emblem. I'd have it refitted inside with a slightly better layout, but externally, I always thought it one of the smartest designs, and I like wooden superstructures on GRP hulls.

2. I'm still very fond of my last boat, St. Christopher as was. Having seen a lot of what Jason has done to the insides I'd buy that back like a shot. After all, I need a boat that will go under Potter. So that's a Seamaster 25 with an unusual window configuration.

3. Royal Diamond. The best of the bathtub, all weather designs, though if possible I'd like a longer version (about 6' longer) for which I have a layout in mind Smile

So, with the right 5 numbers and 2 stars, and after an appropriate number of rollovers, I have my choices, and enough work for Jason to keep LBBY busy for the next twenty years.

PS. Jason, I recommend you do NOT take on the extra people you'll need until AFTER those numbers have come up Smile

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Pauline&Phill    -- Jan-8-2013 @ 9:38 AM
  Years ago we hired the Lady Harriet, 30' Saily from Herbert Woods, I blame them for the long-held dream of getting a wooden cruiser ourselves.
Now we have, so Brilliant has to be our favourite, even though she will also be a big responsibility. boat-sail

Best wishes,


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fidear45    -- Jan-8-2013 @ 12:03 PM
  Classic (wooden) Gentlemans launch, or the classic (wooden)Italian sport boats as you see in Venice and Como.
Now if the Broom Admiral had more of a raked bow that would do it for me as well, but seeing as they don't then its the Commander 38 for me (of course).

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