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samkellylou    -- Oct-22-2010 @ 8:31 PM
  Could anyone help me. We would like to holiday in 2011 on either the fair monarch or fair president but as there would be 6 of us in the party I would like to know which would be better. I know that we would have to make up a double in saloon each night. The party will have a nearly 4 year old, a 6 year old, myself and my husband and his parents. Although the President is 4ft bigger is it actually any bigger in the saloon?
Does the second door on the president make any difference.
Also we looked at barnes brink craft but due to the negative feedback and the fact that there upper deck as moveable furniture rather than a fixed seating area have decided against them. Are anyother bow thruster boats we could look at.
Thanks in advance. Samkellylou

paulandsarah    -- Oct-23-2010 @ 8:22 AM
  hi,and welcome
we hired Fair monarch last may,we are a family of 5 and space wise it was fine,we are also hiring Fair president this coming may,President has a better layout (the galley on monarch is VERY tight)and is set out in a U shape that made getting into the cupboards a work of art,President has an open plan galley in an L shape.President also has a pull out 3 seater sofa bed in the main saloon and 2 large chairs,Monarch has  fixed seating that pulls out to make up as a double bed,President also has an extra shower room with a full size domestic power shower in it,when are you planning on going?Faircraft as starting on another new boat soon Fair majesty which has 3 double bedrooms(worth having a look at???)good luck ......paul Smile

samkellylou    -- Oct-23-2010 @ 8:50 AM
Hi, Thanks Paul for your fast response.
We are looking to go at the end of the school summer holidays (working for a sure start centre I have to take holidays during the school holidays)
We did look at the Fair Majesty but as there is no upper deck we decided aganist it. (my father in law has great visions of seating up there and watching the world go by, We hired a day picnic boat this year with them and my husband and myself went with friends 10 years ago hiring alpha phantom for a week).
Do you know whether there is aditional seating in the saloon, as it looks like it will seat 5 ok but the 6th person has no seat.(do they have to sit at the lower steering position?)

When you say 5 of you, were there any children? if so what ages. When we went on the phantom we had a 3 year old with us.


paulandsarah    -- Oct-24-2010 @ 8:30 AM
  sam,on Monarch it would be a bit tight seating 6 (to be fair we didnt spend that much time sat inside)i sat on the step that leads upto the outside helm or as you have said the inside helm seat.On President it has a 3 seater sofa and 2 chairs,so i guess the same will happen again.The side door may come in handy when mooring up,we never had any problems only having 1 exit on monarch,as long as you are prepared when coming in to moor i.e. having someone on deck with the ropes at the ready,oh our tribe is made up of 3 kids,2 boys aged 8 and 17 and 1 girl aged 14
.......paul Cheers

samkellylou    -- Oct-25-2010 @ 11:34 AM
  Thanks Paul.
I rang norfolk broads direct today but the fair president is all ready booked up for the week we wanted. But they were very helpful in assisting me to find another boat for that week.After a family dicussion, we have gone with the new fair sovereign and booked with deposit.
Smile  Thanks for your help

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