Topic: Breydon Dolphins

BroadsInMay    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 5:43 PM
  Until last year when heading south and returning north we would always tie up to the dolphins either side of the channel just before/after Breydon Bridge for mast lowering and raising.

Last year however, they were gone (they weren't in the greatest of nick) and we mised out on sailing on Breydon.

Anybody know of anywhere where it's safe to tie up by the bridge. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there are some iron posts that could be used ? We've never noticed them but we might have assumed that they were just channel markers

Thanks in advance

Dave and Nikki

Craig    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 5:56 PM
  Oh Mad  !!!

I thought this was going to be about marine mammals in Breydon - wishful thinking Playful Wink

BroadsInMay    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 6:05 PM
  Smile  Sorry, you'll just have to get your old Flipper videos out again  !

BarnacleBill    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 6:32 PM
  Have a look at this thread...

Richard    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 8:22 PM
  thanks bill - I knew that thread was out there somewhere !

BroadsInMay    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 8:35 PM
  Many thanks BB (and Richard for looking !)

What a godsend this site is ! ! !  

Richard    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 8:41 PM
  I've promised myself that this year I'm going to pluck up the nerve to try them, I just noticed that this years edition of the 'Broadscaster' still shows a nice wide 'lay-by mooring for yachts' - hmm still looks like a patch of mud to me.

BroadsInMay    -- Apr-17-2005 @ 8:43 PM

By the time we've finished with them in a couple of weeks time they may not be there !
  Playful Wink


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