Topic: Moorings in Fleet Dyke South Walsham

BOATERS    -- Mar-10-2007 @ 9:44 PM
  Hi all ,we were out on the boat today and noticed that the whole length of the public moorings in Fleet Dyke are closed with hundreds of iron piles laid out waiting to be driven in to the bank.By the looks of things this will take a good few weeks so if you plan to use this mooring check first.Also a stretch of St Bennets is also being worked on and partly closed,so moorings in the area are going to be tight at the start of the season. Smile

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

VetChugger    -- Mar-10-2007 @ 10:58 PM
  I'm sure I've read somewhere that Packman reckons these are going to be ready for Easter?


BOATERS    -- Mar-10-2007 @ 11:58 PM
  Hi Trevor,Where have we heard that before?I would say that looks a bit the metal is laid on the bank,and no work seems to have started yet! Confused

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

billmaxted    -- Mar-11-2007 @ 6:29 AM
  If this is going to be a repeat of How Hill one is tempted to ask 'Which Easter'?  Frown


paul&lorna    -- Mar-11-2007 @ 7:32 AM
  We were down there tuesday, it looks like they are dredging fleet dyke at the moment and dropping the mud/silt at St Bennets. Loads of pilings at the moorings for flood defence works more taken down as we left.


Marshman    -- Mar-11-2007 @ 3:29 PM
  To be fair those moorings are being worked on by BESL and not the BA directly. Both are part of the Flood Alleviation works being done and I don't think that JP has any involvement. The work that is being done throughout Broadland is massive and ultimately this will improve what was becoming a poor mooring and realistically the work, which is going on throughout the year, cannot fit in all the time with the season.
Now whether the work being done will be effective is a whole new topic..... Question

A.J.B.    -- Mar-11-2007 @ 5:07 PM
  The work on fleet dyke is not a BA mooring, the st benets is and will be done in 3 stages the fisrt 100mt is hoped to be completed by Easter.
At the moment we are playing catch up, tree clearing due to high winds in January has taken longer than expected, so we are about 3 weeks behind schedule.


kimboship    -- Mar-11-2007 @ 6:54 PM

BOATERS    -- Mar-28-2007 @ 8:20 PM
  Hi Just a quick update on the work.We moor next to the moorings and  can see ( and hear ) the progess .Today Wednesday the piling is doing very well and the laid out piles have now moved from the bank at the broad end of the mooring and today there was three or four boats moored on this stretch.  As Kim said they should be ready for May,lets hope so! Playful Wink

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

BOATERS    -- Apr-8-2007 @ 5:36 PM
  Easter Wekend and the work on the banks of Fleet Dyke are going well.The half way bend has  been re piled but not available at present.The moorings higher up are also well on track and there is still limited moorings available.If you have a dinghy you can drop a weight in the broad and use the marked landing area on the left, just past the boatyard ,then the new house being built on the left hand side of the Broad.The lane will take you to the Village,The Ship Pub, Post office,Chinese resturant,and Fairhaven Trust .

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

AdnamsGirl    -- Apr-9-2007 @ 2:54 PM

There was an article about the work at Fleet Dyke (including before and after pictures) in Saturdays EDP


BOATERS    -- May-5-2007 @ 7:59 PM
  Hi all Just to update the mooring situation.The waterside pilling and wooden heading is now complete (and a nice job it looks too ) and they are backfiling behind.There were no boats there today ,but I would imagine you could moor with care.As Kim said they should be ready for May and it will not be far off the mark. Smile

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

BOATERS    -- May-12-2007 @ 9:47 PM
  Another week has passed and work is progressing well.The back filling is well under way and mooring posts are going in so should not be long now !! The material being used is very sticky so would think wellies will be a useful item to have for a while when the moorings re open. Wink

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

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ncsl    -- May-16-2007 @ 1:56 PM
  Is the quay heading at St Bens finished yet?

Or any idea when ?



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Karen&Mike    -- May-16-2007 @ 5:18 PM
  Do we have any pics of the current state of play for Fleet Dyke or St Benets please?

And the likely situation for Spring Bank hol?

Thanks in advance, Karen

"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

VetChugger    -- May-16-2007 @ 5:29 PM
  At least half of the new quay heading is complete and open at St Benets.


BOATERS    -- May-16-2007 @ 6:36 PM
  Hi Karen and Mark .Im down the boat tomorrow so will try and get pics.They should be fully open by the Spring Bank Holiday but as I said in previous post I think you will need wellies as it looked very sticky along the bank.

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

Karen&Mike    -- May-16-2007 @ 6:51 PM

I tried to search the EDP website for the article that Carol(Adnamsgirl) mentioned, but I couldnt find it... Frown

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BOATERS    -- May-17-2007 @ 8:20 PM
  This is the situation in Fleet Dyke today 3 PM (see pic) work going well,with mooring posts about every 8 feet or so and set three or four feet back from the bank edge As said it will be a slippery place if the weather stays like this as I dont see them adding a top surface of shingle or woodchip to the bank and path.

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane Smile

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BOATERS    -- May-17-2007 @ 8:26 PM
  Forgot to say that the dredger is in the back ground on the left hand side of river.Sods law will say he reaches this spot by Bank Holiday !

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

Karen&Mike    -- May-17-2007 @ 9:59 PM
  Thank you very much Roy & Diane,

What a wonderful resource this site is!

It's looking good, and I think we will take a run down over the Bank hol weekend, if only for a nosey!

Cheers, Karen & Mike

"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

SuPine    -- May-21-2007 @ 12:15 PM
  The Fleet Dyke moorings at S Walsham appear to be finished, although as mentioned previously, they are backfilled with what looks like dredged material so could be porridge when it rains.  Also, the moorings on the bend along Fleet Dyke are coming on although not backfilled yet - the ducks are certainly pleased with them - see photo.


BOATERS    -- Jun-2-2007 @ 9:09 AM
  As Sue said the moorings are all but completed now.Down there today and they have now laid gravel to the landing area which will help. Follow the path to the Village ( a nice walk ),The Ship Pub ,a Chinese,Post Office and Fairhaven Trust Gardens.all in South Walsham.Also on the Broad you have Russle Marine for fuel,water, Pumpout etc

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

Brian    -- Jun-2-2007 @ 9:27 AM
  Never knew there was a chinese there.
The moorings fill up fast though, as its such a lovely area.

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BOATERS    -- Jun-2-2007 @ 10:13 PM
  Hi the Chinese is in the old pub at the end of the village.Does a buffet and takeaway we've been told although we have not had the chance to try yet.

See you down the river,
Roy and Diane

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