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shakespeare    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 9:05 AM
  For the Northern waters your only relatively big shops are Roys in Wroxham, a fairly new moderate-sized Tesco in Stalham, and a small Sainsbury in Gt Yarmouth. Some provisions can be found at Potter, but apart from that you are stuck with small village stores (plus specialists like the good butchers in Wroxham and Horning).


minot    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 9:13 AM
  at beccles there is a large supermarket - I think it was safeways

tadlow    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 9:19 AM
  there is also a rainbow coop in beccles about 15 minute walk quite a big store

CraigT.    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 12:01 PM
  There is a Sainburys at Thorpe, but it's a bit of a hike>

Diolch yn fawr/Best regards / Saludos / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

woodwose    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 3:53 PM
  When you come to the Broads, you come to the countyside to get away from it all. If the place was full of big shops you might as well go to a city.
However, there are quite a few supermarkets in easy reach of the river for example:
Wroxham - Roys
Stalham - Tesco
Yarmouth - Asda
Acle - Budgens
Norwich - Summerfield, Sainsburys and lots of others

Then there are smaller shops in the various villages which don't have quite the range of big supermarkets but are often better in other ways. For example:
Ludham - Throwers, Gowers butcher
Martham - Co-op
Potter Heigham - Lathams, Bridge Stores

Surely this is enough.

Richard    -- Aug-24-2004 @ 4:03 PM
  I found that the corner shop in Reedham (just happens to be next to the Nelson!) had everything we needed - very well stocked for a small shop.

Also in Horning there is a wonderful butcher on the common

Craig    -- Aug-25-2004 @ 3:46 PM
  Here Here! I like the Broads because it isn't like every other town centre - even Roys, although very large and almost a monopoly in Hoveton (but not expensive) is different somehow from the big shops round here! And some of the local shops are great - we come home with a cool-box full of meat from Massinghams in Wroxham - keeps us going for months (and reminds us of the Broads when we're eating it!).

Craig Slawson,

yorkshireman    -- Aug-29-2004 @ 2:52 PM
  Dont you think that is part of the holiday on the broads, that there are the small local shops. There are some excelent butchers ,bakers ect just because there are no superstores nearby

Richard    -- Aug-29-2004 @ 2:56 PM
  I think you get better service at the small shops than at the large supermarkets.

Can anyone recommend any good bakeries ?

roya    -- Sep-2-2004 @ 3:30 PM
  half the fun of a boat holiday is to arrive at the boatyard with enough provisions to last for 6 months, give what is perishable to the ducks and bring the rest home for next time but i do rember ROYS started their empire delivering goods to holiday makers by rowing boat. now there is thought tesco by wherry cheers

PizzaLover    -- Sep-17-2004 @ 7:38 AM
  Certainly, one of the problems with "cooking on a boat" is getting the ingredients. That CAN be hard on the Broads... it's easy to get Birds Eye beefburgers, but it's more of a challenge to get fresh fruit and vegetables. There are several good butchers around.. but it does take a bit of planning ahead to make good use of them - especially if the fridge on your boat is actually a "cool box".

Several of the hire yachts have "cool boxes" which are electric fridges which only run when the engine is running (so aren't the best place to keep your prawns for a week). Others have gas fridges, which are better (but they are being phased out). EW are now fitting some pretty fancy electric fridges, which are thought to be very good (anyone got any experiences.. I think they're Isotherm).

One solution to the perishable provisions problem that we've used is this:

- Buy groceries at home.
- Freeze anything that can be frozen.
- Pack it into a normal plastic picnic coolbox.
- Don't use those cool-box ice blocks... freeze 50cc "mineral water" bottles and use those - then you can drink ice-cold water, and you don't have to take them home with you.
- Leave the stuff IN the cool-box until it's needed. Avoid opening it... if at all possible, leave it unopened (in the forepeak, maybe...) Frozen stuff will remain near-frozen for several days.

I actually prefer not to spend evenings on a boat cooking (though I have flambee'd on a boat at least twice). But I do like to eat well... so, following on from that, one option is to cook at home, freeze and take with you.

Here's a thought, Richard(?) - in each of your recipes, why not suggest how and where to get the ingredients from.  

Maurice    -- Sep-20-2004 @ 4:10 AM
  Hmmmm. I need to be careful here as this is a high horse of mine.

I have been coming up to the broads now for nearly 40 years, We hire a boat from Royalls twice a year (My parents and I) and I have my own small craft at Wayford Bridge.

In those years I have watched Roys get bigger and the smaller shops decline. Roys is however part of the Broads and as such I reluctantly accept the effect it has.

Stalham now has a Tesco. The effect that is having on Stalham Highstreet is now starting to show.

There used to be a good Green Grocer there, Alas no more. The Butcher in Stalham is one of the areas best, Rumour has it that it is going to close, and the baker Who's bread is a delight, is struggling. All because of the Tesco's there.

Try this! Buy a loaf in Tescos Stalham and one in the Stalham Bakers. Eat a slice of each per day and see which stays fresh longer and for how long. You may well be very surprised.

Proper fresh food lasts longer, tastes better and is better for you.

Buy it in a proper shop and support local traders. Believe me, its the local traders selling local produce who are the ones that keep the Broads alive, Tesco's doesn't give a fart.

PizzaLover    -- Sep-20-2004 @ 1:00 PM
  Yes, I agree.
I was in Stalham in the spring, and had an eerie feeling that something unpleasant was soon to happen (or had already happened.)

My comment was aimed more at how to deal with the inadequacies of a small electric cool-box than the inadequacies of the local retailers.

PizzaLover    -- Sep-20-2004 @ 1:03 PM

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