Topic: Sliding roof?

Broads02    -- Jul-1-2006 @ 3:33 PM
  If you are hiring or own a boat on the broads with a sliding roof, is it worth having it open in really hot weather?

I think if the weather is pleasantly warm then of course have it open but what about if it's 30+ degrees. you want it open for the glorius weather but you have to watch for sunburn. on the other hand if it is shut you get shade but can't enjoy the weather atall as much

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nautiuser    -- Jul-1-2006 @ 4:00 PM

Good weather should never be ignored - silly hat plenty of suncream and enjoy.

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Broads01    -- Jul-1-2006 @ 7:52 PM
  Cian's post was born out of a conversation we had today about people who insist on keeping their roof shut whilst on the move, seemingly no matter how good the weather is! Weird!


DaveB    -- Jul-1-2006 @ 9:13 PM
  Hi all,what i tend to do when its really hot is fold the windscreen down,and the tarp at the back,and keep the roof up!then you get the shade plus a lovely breeze going through Smile


plesbit    -- Jul-1-2006 @ 10:20 PM
  In my experience those wheelhouses become like greenhouses if you don't slide the roof back.  We tend to have ours back on hire boats in more or less all weather, bar the very worst.


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jimgibnry    -- Jul-2-2006 @ 9:04 AM
  Hi everyone,

Sliding centre steering boats are fantastic...

I have the roof down in all conditions but snow, hail, or torrential rain, keeping the windscreen up for wind protection of course...

This can make me unpopular with other members of the party though, so I always hire a boat where the main lounge area is not the steering section. If they don't like the fresh air they can go in!



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