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Debbie    -- Jun-3-2006 @ 3:51 PM
  Just wondered if there are any swimming pools near the Broads, just in case we are unlucky enough to have a rainy day when we are over in July, then our two boys could go for a swim.
They get that used to wearing their life jackets that I hope they remember to take them off or they will look a bit strange.  

steve    -- Jun-3-2006 @ 4:03 PM
  hi debbie ,
take your pick of swimmimg pools ,
moores of wroxham , ( in the pennisular )
ferry marina easte Horning ( next to the Ferry Inn )
Waveney river center Burgh St Peter
Oulton Broad 2no
1st in the park ( open air )
2nd is in the Broadland holiday village just before the park ,
and lastly in Beccles ( open air pool )
hope this helps

steve and vicky

dannyboy    -- Jun-3-2006 @ 7:45 PM
  There was a good pool in Gt. Yarmouth years ago. Is it still there?  Question


Tarmacsoftee    -- Jun-3-2006 @ 8:01 PM
  I remember the outdoor pool at Beccles used to be unheated, is this still true, only managed one length on a very cool september afternoon many years ago, brrr!!  Scared


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JamesLons    -- Jun-3-2006 @ 8:37 PM
  I was at the outside pool at beccles in 1996 was unheated then and the surface of the water was covered in dead bugs mostly grass hoppers wasn't nice if you swalloed some water accidently proper deep as well I think.


Debbie    -- Jun-5-2006 @ 6:33 PM
  Thanks Steve and Vicky

Is it okay for just anyone to use Moores and Ferry Marina or do you have to be staying with them?

Finbar    -- Jun-5-2006 @ 7:42 PM

Anyone can use the Moores pool. Cost was £3.40 I think. Mooring in the basin is free for hire boats but there is a charge for private boats.


steve    -- Jun-5-2006 @ 8:24 PM
  hi debbie ,
as said in the past post you can use either pools at moores or horning , there open to all , you also can moor your boat in moores boatyard ,

steve and vicky

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