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Hylander    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 9:17 AM
  Out of the blue 2 days ago I received an email purporting to be from Freemans.    I dont have a Freemans account which kind of threw me a bit.    It said and it looked completely authentic that an unauthorised order had just been made and paid for by my PayPal account.   This was for a total of £399 plus £4.50 postage.    Immediately I was in a panic and then I thought where it said click here to prevent this order going through, I will ignore that and have a look at my Paypal account by a different route.     I did just this and could not see any such amount.  I got on to their message centre immediately and good on them they came back within the hour to me.    In the meantime I put this email into the Spam.      Paypal said they could not see any unauthorised movement on my account but to keep an eye.   Said I had to forward the email to their Spoof department which I did.

Anyone having a Freemans account could be completely fooled into clicking on their link and giving away priceless information.

Be Careful.

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things out...


steve    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 9:38 AM
  Yes they'll try anything to get you off guard, very recently on Facebook is Roys of wroxham ,scam ,spam which they are now Aware off ,

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herberts    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 10:46 AM
  Yes, I had exactly the same email yesterday from Freemans. I checked my Paypal account straightaway and found no details of any transaction, so decided it must be a scam and deleted the email.

Greybeard    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 11:10 AM
  I get around 5-6 emails a week from varied sources,, none of whom I have an account with.
In addition to this I get several Nigerian millionaire princesses want to share their immense fortunes with me.

and since I placed a gumtree add to sell my boat I seem to have attracted every timewasting muppet in existence.

If it wasn't for a few decent folks on the internet, I'de probably pull the plug and chuck the whole lot off wroxham bridge.

previous to the internet,, it was scam phone calls, often disguised as sales or marketing,
I had caller display and soon recognised the familiar numbers, I would quickly think of something to say when answering,, favourites were,,
"what are you wearing" to any female voice.

"I'v done it,,what should I do with the head"?

"not now, I have to clean up all this blood"

"I got the goat, see you at midnight in the usual place"

I would then hang up.

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Cocklegat    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 2:30 PM
  use this site to report this kind of scam

Luise    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 4:40 PM
  “… favourites were "what are you wearing" to any female voice”. One of mine too (a little more risqué, in fact).

However, after I found out my own daughter was considering cold calling to try to make ends meet, I came to appreciate that many of these people - annoying though they - are poor desperate souls who don’t deserve disrespect and impoliteness. And I was disgusted to read on this or the other Broads Forum someone’s pride in wasting a double-glazing salesman’s time by arranging a bogus appointment. Again, annoying though double-glazing salesman are, they’re simply trying to put bread on their family’s table. A simple “Not interested, thank you” will suffice.

On the other hand, the “Your computer is infected, transfer twenty quid to my MacroToft Account 123 to fix it” scammers deserve everything they get.


Greybeard    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 5:39 PM
  most of these so called,,"make loads of cash from home" are also scams too.

If somebody wants to buy anything they generally research it themselves, not wait by the phone hoping for a "bargain of the century"
when was the last time tescos called and begged anyone to shop at their store.

these scams have been going long before the internet, anybody reading old comics or newspapers of the period will likely remember "X-Ray Spex,that loads of fools sent for hoping to see through girls clothing..

and endless books entitled "Get Rich Quick" just send £10 postal order for the secret.

no wonder the country is in such a political mess,, people still believing the hype at voting time, but all those pre election promises never happen do they,, just like that beautiful girl who emails you [and 5000 other suckers] telling you she'll marry you if you just send her plane ticket money. Aye Right.

my appearance is down to me, my attitude is down to you.

L'sBelles    -- Dec-10-2021 @ 10:56 PM
  My favourite reply to the phone scammers who claimed to be able to save me money was to tell them that I enjoyed wasting money!

That always used to throw them and they did not know how to progress from there.

Little did I know that many years later I would be a boat owner and would be wasting more money than I could have imagined! It is enjoyable though!  Smile

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