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sadie    -- Dec-5-2021 @ 10:08 AM
    Back to the water we hope

  hope to spend 4/5 months on the broads next year,most of it out off season or on the southside.this year with covid like a lot of people unable to get to the boat,when we did get there we where moored and got rammed by a hire boat,they hit us on starboard side with the bow of there boat at a good speed.
  then the time it was out ff the water for repiars to side deck and window makes you think of selling and going to spain for a break if we can travel.!!!

   John & Diane

pargeandmarge    -- Dec-5-2021 @ 12:17 PM
  Welcome Back John and Diane.
We took a bang from one of Ricco's this year. Although we were upset I have to say with pleasure that Richardsons treated us with respect and courtesy. They had no provision or spare capacity to repair it themselves and so I took it to Robert at Sutton Staithe and they agreed to pay for the repair.

Also I would like to thank Robert and his whole team for treating us and our boat with great respect and doing a job that we are very pleased with.

A special mention to Anton for all the Gel coat repair.

Sutton Staithe boatyard with their professionalism and sense of humour made a great job of it.

So thanks to both Richardsons and Sutton Staithe Boatyard for the way we where treated.

Kindest Regards
Marge and Parge

Bluebell    -- Dec-5-2021 @ 6:13 PM
  Sorry to hear that you hit. Good to hear that both Richardson’s and Sutton Staithe boat yard sorted you out. I’m not surprised as both businesses have a good reputation… Smile

With kind regards


was  Bluebell now Chiltern Lady (an Aquafibre Opal built by Fineway Cruisers Hoveton)

Dodger65    -- Dec-5-2021 @ 6:53 PM
  I will be honest
Rob at Sutton Staithe is abs fantastic
He is a gem on the broads
Whet does Colin GY say ?

Keep That Boating Smile

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RedCow    -- Dec-5-2021 @ 9:28 PM
  Good job you weren’t hit by one of the blue beasts from Wroxam! It’s always nice to hear when somebody accepts their responsibility’s and makes every effort to make sure that the damage is made good to a acceptable standard.Hats off to Richos for not making a traumatic situation any worse and behaving like a professional organisation which I’m sure they are.

Coot_Too    -- Dec-6-2021 @ 7:19 AM
  Another endorsement for Ricos for paying for repairs after damage done by one of theirs while Coot was moored and for Sutton Staithe for an excellent repair. Also for the kind man who recorded the (absconded) culprit's details then sat and waited for me to return.

We love the Broads

Dreamer    -- Dec-6-2021 @ 8:30 AM
  I wonder just how many private boats got hit/bumped this year. Four times for us, twice by private boats and twice by hire boats. Fortunately only one incident needed professional repair and that was covered by insurance.

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