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pargeandmarge    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 9:07 AM
  Hi All
I just wanted to say that I haven't been very well lately and enjoy looking at this and other forums. It is a connection to reality from a sick bed.

I started a new thread because I don't want to get involved in any arguments over any issues that don't involve me, that doesn't mean to say I am not interested in the outcomes.

I would like to thank Richard and the team of moderators for all that they do to keep this forum alive and legal. It's so easy to criticise from the outside and everybody always wants their way but when the buck stops at Richards or a moderators door they ultimately have to make a decision and pretty dam quickly to keep this forum alive.

Yes if I advertise an item on the forum I will always make a donation with pleasure and sometimes I will donate anyway as I think it's expensive to run and a marvellous library of knowledge. If I advertise something in my local shop they want £2.50 and to be honest the audience is usually not a boater. So to gain an audience that is interested in boating to start with goes a long way.

So thankyou again for The Forum and all your unrewarded  time and labour.  Cheers

On top of all else Me and Old Marge are just coming out the other side of Covid.

This is only an opinion from us and reflects upon no other views or threads.

Kindest Regards and thanks again for The Forum.
Marge and Parge Smile

Dzign    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 9:11 AM
  Nice to see that you are making a recovery..


Jean&Brian    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 9:59 AM
  Thank you pargeandmarge, I would like to wish you both a speedy recovery.


JollyRodger    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 10:53 AM
  Likewise, just an opinion but firstly, Parge, sorry to hear about your brush with Covid, potentially that could have been nasty.

Re moderation, it can make or break a forum. I don't mean that a 'good' forum is one where the mods just about let anything through but there have been mod issues in the past, for example, moderation that even extended way beyond the forum and onto the pages of the now-defunct Anglia Afloat, that was a shameful episode.

Elsewhere there is a Broads related forum that is now so over moderated that the members now appears to be afraid to say Boo to the proverbial Goose. My gut feeling is that a certain Authority figure has made threats, freedom of speech being a thing that he vociferously controls within his own four walls so why not across the ether?

Getting moderation just right is no easy task and the NBF team of today seem to be pretty well on the ball. Either that or the members have previously taken note from that blessed clipboard!  

Jolly Roger

Karen&Mike    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 12:14 PM
  Sorry to hear you have not been well M/P , and thank you for taking the time to post a thank you to Richard for providing this great forum that we all use and enjoy. The things we care passionately about can bring strong opinion,  and great debate can become heated as a result, but on the whole I think we all (mostly) manage to co exist.

I know you often like to bring a bit of lighthearted comment , and I for one appreciate that, and I'm sure many others do too.

Take good care of yourselves and I hope you will be feeling better soon.


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

Karen&Mike    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 12:17 PM
  JR - "blessed clipboard" ? !  Smile  


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

JollyRodger    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 1:12 PM
  Blessed clipboard . . . . . . . . seemingly mellowed with age! Once a weapon of choice . . . . . . ouch!

Jolly Roger

Karen&Mike    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 2:56 PM
  LOL for some reason I now have this image of that woman from the 1970s high karate aftershave advert, running around hitting people over the heads with a clipboard instead!

Mine of course was only ever used to tick off (lol) attendees at forum meets, and I'm no 6' brunette , driven wild by cologne  Playful Wink  


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

steve    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 5:19 PM
  Thank you marage and parge for your nice post

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

JollyRodger    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 6:18 PM
  Karen, I had in mind a duplicate Honor Blackman clad in stressed black leather albeit only five feet and one and a half inches tall in high stiletto heeled thigh boots!  Am I on the right track?

Jolly Roger

Karen&Mike    -- Dec-2-2021 @ 6:30 PM
  Haha love it! But you've done me out of 4 inches  LOL

And I've got a few years to go to reach Honor Blackman but if I can look as good as she always did , I'd be very happy.


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

pargeandmarge    -- Dec-3-2021 @ 8:32 AM
  Thanks for the well wishes
Kindest Regards
Marge and Parge

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