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Sheque1    -- Aug-14-2021 @ 2:36 PM
  Due to the Queen's anniversary moving the bank holiday to the Normal 3RR weekend, the proposal for 3RR 2022 is that the race will be the Weekend BEFORE the bank holiday. So 28th- 29th May.. Final confirmation of next year's programme of sailing for the season has yet to be confirmed.

Book your weekends now...

windy76    -- Aug-14-2021 @ 5:52 PM
  Superb and thanks for the updates early on. Your build up and description of the race with your good self at the Hickling mark more than often really bring the river system to life in whatever the elements might deliver over a day and night of the actual race. Hardy competitors you tick them off in the wee small hours in the dark broad round the mark. And a urn of coffee with a roll from the galley does you well of a day, I think the competition doesn’t know how lucky they are you not hanging off a trapeze round the course.

Sheque1    -- Aug-16-2021 @ 7:25 AM
  They'll  be very glad with me not hanging off a trapeze...

With my weight we'd capsize and block the river..

Thanks.  Smile

Sheque1    -- Nov-20-2021 @ 9:23 AM
  After the NBSA fixtures meeting, It's now confirmed 3RR 2022, will be on May 28th - 29th.

Entry forms will be loaded to around the new year period.

Sheque1    -- Jan-2-2022 @ 2:39 PM
  Holidays not over yet... So you can fill in your 3RR forms.

Yep visit to get all the latest information and entry forms.

Entries are open..

Sheque1    -- Mar-22-2022 @ 8:39 AM
  Ok folks comb your hair polish you shoes and be on your best behaviour.

The 3RR is being filmed this year, so you could be in shot on bank or river..

What form this film will take I have no idea..

Sheque1    -- Apr-6-2022 @ 5:51 PM
  Entries close 24th April!!!! Get them in!!!!

Sheque1    -- Apr-24-2022 @ 5:57 PM
  Entries are officially closed, but unofficially, a bit of groveling might still get your entry in...

Sheque1    -- May-11-2022 @ 12:59 PM
  17 days to go and 101 entries this year.

Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-11-2022 @ 5:14 PM
  I've just had the start order, and it's an interesting mix-up.

The slightly slower 'production cruisers' are sandwiched between the half-deckers/yeaomans and the Norfolk Punts.  I wonder how far I'll get before I'm overtaken by boats in the next group?  Maybe the downstream fence of the Swan, perhaps?

With Low Water down past Stokesby around 18.00 (time of L.W. depends on how far downriver the mark is), there won't be many boats who can make it to Hickling & back first  -  but I expect most will do the two dykes at the beginning;  that could mean it gets very crowded at Ludham Bridge around 13.00 to 14.00.

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

Sheque1    -- May-12-2022 @ 6:12 AM
  I agree, though some punts and A raters might make a break for it to Hickling first if there's enough wind. they are so "on the water" rather than "in the water" tide has less influence on them.

Sheque1    -- May-16-2022 @ 10:17 AM
  12 days to go and the long range forecast is in, Easterly 10mph for the whole race, with a maximum temperature of 13C.

Not that good on either count,  an easterly is over the houses on the left of the first straight and you'd need to tack occasionally..  Very little tide for the start though. I could see 100+ boats tacking in the first half mile of river if the forecast doesn't change..

Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-16-2022 @ 10:21 PM
  A 10mph Easterly would be pretty bad news  -  especially as I really, really want to actually finish this year.

But it's changing already, and depends on which site (and therefore underlying algorithms) you look at.  On the BBC Weather, I'm currently seeing 15mph NNW, which is much better.  But there is a big weather system sweeping through between now and then, with a low pressure area probably moving W to E somewhere north of Scotland over next weekend.  Exactly how and when it moves, let alone what will happen at what speed afterwards, will stretch even the biggest of meteorological super-computers.  

Looking at forecasts this time next week, when the race is around five days away, is much more likely to give a valid indication.

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

Sheque1    -- May-21-2022 @ 5:42 PM

Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-22-2022 @ 7:29 PM
  I'm starting to get quite excited . . .

Six days out, and the weather forecasts now seem to be hinting at NNW 13 - 14 mph, which should squirt us down Horning Reach nicely, if it turns out to be true.  Not quite so sure about it turning Northerly later in the afternoon, that could be a long tack all the way from Acle to Potter Frown

One small request to Sheque1 and all the wonderful volunteers at HSC  -  last year there were quiet a few newcomers (always good to see), and from the start list, it looks like there are more this year.  At the pre-race briefing last year, there were references to the marks being 'in the usual place', which was a bit confusing for those who had not been in the race before.  I now know where they 'usually' are, but others may not  -  would it be possible to ask for a little more detail on their location to be provided?

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-26-2022 @ 9:58 PM
Only 36 hours to go until the first boats start, and the weather forecast for Saturday seems to go up by 1 mph each day that I look.

BBC is saying :  19 and 20 mph NNW and Northerly
Met Office says : 15 to 16 mph (gusting 27 mph) NNW all the way through
Both sources say that it won't drop much overnight

At least there should be a good chance of finishing this year  Smile
Some of the boats will be sailing quite fast, it could get pretty exciting!

I'm making my final preparations, and look forward to having the red and white ribbon flapping proudly from the end of my boom  Smile

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

Sheque1    -- May-27-2022 @ 5:50 AM
  I'd agree with the wind forecast, but wrap up warm, the temperature forecast for around midnight is only 6C.

Good luck everyone I'll see you at Hickling..

GaryCantley    -- May-27-2022 @ 11:36 AM
the temperature forecast for around midnight is only 6C.

Only supposed to be about 13C during the day so not the warmest but with wind we'll be moving. Smile

Hope to see you at some point Q.


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and in the morning,
we will remember them.

Bernard    -- May-27-2022 @ 8:48 PM
  What time roughly to we think most will be around Potter Bridge?

ncsl    -- May-28-2022 @ 6:57 PM
  Bit breezy for much aerial video but did manage a short one at Fleet Dyke with some hand held at the mouth too.

I cruise on THE NORFOLK BROAD as I can not cruise on something that is NOT.

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JollyRodger    -- May-28-2022 @ 7:44 PM
  Hey, no one is sticking to the right side of the river!!

Jolly Roger

Sheque1    -- May-29-2022 @ 6:05 PM
  I saw Gary go past the Hickling buoy, from the inside of the Janet 3 loaned to us by Martham boats. I was down below recording the times and radioing the times to Horning.
Later ..much later I was at Horning enjoying a muggacoffee when I watched Jeremy Aslan finish..

Much more wind than I expected. Hence many more boats came up Hickling broad first. Wayfarers did extremely well in this year's race..

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Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-29-2022 @ 8:11 PM
  Sheque1 is not wrong  -  it was much, much later!  Frown
But I finished  Smile   Yippee!

22 hours and 6 minutes, after a couple of times having to wait for a bit until I could tack against the tide;  once at Stokesby (we did the dykes then went to the LBM first, and were a bit early on the tide, so punching it back to Acle); then again near St Benets when returning to Horning in the arly hours, by an annoying clump of trees for over an hour.

He is also right that there was a LOT of wind, it was a bit hairy at times, and very hard work indeed.

We came second in class, which is respectable (especially considering over half our class didn't finish); but I might have done even better if I'd gone to Hickling first  - you never know.

May I express my thanks to all the wonderful volunteers at HSC who were so friendly and welcoming, and do a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make it all happen.

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

GaryCantley    -- May-30-2022 @ 8:35 AM
  Done the sides on the way out then off to see Q at Hickling, I did shout my sail number to him but he was below so had to resort to my race number for the person listening. Smile

Cracking sail, gunwhales got wet twice otherwise it was kept upright.

Rounded the LBM about 1930

Wind stayed up for us, went V light just after the Ant coming home but not for long.

Crossed the finish line at 2305, 11 hours 55 minutes after starting and 4th in class but considering the 3 in front of me were 3 of the top 4 in the race I consider that a result.

Thanks to all those in the guardships, scorers, galley staff and everyone else that makes this event.


At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.

JollyRodger    -- May-30-2022 @ 9:54 PM
  Gary, it seems that you are finally getting the hang of Wayfarers! Never know why Wayfarers are not more popular on the Broads, both as camping and cruising boats. Personally, I sailed Wayfarers down South and whilst I never kept a log I must have covered several thousand miles whilst both cruising and teaching folk to sail, I have a huge regard for Wayfarers. Regretfully not big enough for a family of six though.  

Jolly Roger

GaryCantley    -- May-31-2022 @ 8:55 AM
  I maybe getting the hang of them but that's me done in one for the 3RR. 15 years, 14 attempts, 11 finishes, 1 class win and 1 finish within 12 hours. My body is now telling me not to be so bloody stupid again. LOL

Here is the story of this years race, hopefully you can view the attachment

Not sure why it didn't record for the first hour and 5 minutes.
Start 1110
Miles covered 37
Top speed 6.4mph
Bridges passed under 6.
Fun had, plenty. ??
Finish 2305
4th in class and 25th overall.

GC and Neil's 3RR 2022


At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.

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