Topic: Back on the 29th May

tempest    -- Mar-8-2015 @ 7:09 PM
  We have already booked two visits this year to the broads, once for just Julie and I and our two Newfoundlands, but firstly we arrive on 29th July at Horizon Craft for our weeks holiday with a difference on Moon Adventure.

We say with a difference as we have our son, who has been many times before with us and 3 of his mates who havent been before.

They are all 22 years of age so the boat may be a bit "noisy" at times

We are going to head off over Breydon and take them to Norwich for the Saturday night so they can do the "clubs" but other than that we are going to show them you can have a great time for whatever generation you come from with some wonderful places along the way, wild mooring and just having a good time

Never done this before, so it will be a bit of a challenge, but I am sure the broads which is our favourite destination will give them a holiday they will never forget!

No doubt we will have to set a few ground rules though!!

This will include use of toilets and cleaning up after yourself as Julie and I are on holiday to.

We are all looking forward to it though, although as regular Moonfleet customers, it will seem strange going to Acle to pick up our boat.

Yours Newfoundly
Warren and Julie

boat-mad    -- Mar-9-2015 @ 9:39 AM
  Warren and Julie hi,

back in the 70's when I used to holiday with my mates we used to moor up at Oulton Broad and go clubbing in Lowestoft.  Also Yarmouth was good for clubbing.

We often made the Stracey Arms our first port of call as they used to have live bands and disco's there.  Sadly those days are gone but still plenty of good places to go.

Have a great one. Cheers

Kind Regards

boat-mad    -- Mar-9-2015 @ 9:39 AM
  Oops! same post went twice so removed content. dunce

Kind Regards

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TerryTibbs    -- Mar-9-2015 @ 11:06 AM
  Oulton is a must, nice bars, nice restaurants, live music and a beautiful place.


Je Suis Charlie

tempest    -- Mar-13-2015 @ 7:05 PM
  We are Moonfleet customers and used to picking up our boat just after 12 midday, but dont know if Horizon are as accommodating

If they are and looking at tide times I will go through Breydon on day one, but if not probably stop at Yarmouth the night

Either way we will head towards Norwich for the Saturday so the lads can enjoy themselves whilst we enjoy ourselves in the more serene surroundings of the beautiful city of Norwich

Yours Newfoundly
Warren and Julie

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