Topic: Hello Again from Dek's Armada

Dek    -- Feb-2-2015 @ 11:28 AM
  Just wanted to say a very belated thank you to everyone who waved, offered advice and generally made last years holiday a wonderful experience for all of us so thanks once again from Dek and Dave on Aqualight, Jacki and Ian on Star Gem and Natalie and rob on Major gem .
We have all rebooked for the 25th april this year Dek and Dave on Beam of Light,Natalie and Rob on Broadland Mercury,Jacki and Ian on star gem and first timers Derek,Anna and Graham on Bronze Gem so if you see us give us a wave and feel free to stop by for a chat and a drink!

boat-mad    -- Feb-2-2015 @ 11:47 AM
  Glad to hear you enjoyed your boating holiday and returning this year.  Will be there with the Missus from May 8 so will just miss you.

Have another great one. Cheers

Kind Regards

Dek    -- Feb-2-2015 @ 12:03 PM
  Thanks for the msg Alan should we list ourselves on the holiday list? and if so can we list all four boats together? Thanx Derek

TerryTibbs    -- Feb-2-2015 @ 2:17 PM
  Glad you enjoyed your holiday last year and found people to be friendly Nice to hear positive comments and I'm sure you and your friends will have a great time, if you make it down South and see Andorra about please feel free to come and say hello.

Dave Cheers

Je Suis Charlie

boat-mad    -- Feb-3-2015 @ 8:21 AM
  Dek Hi,

Yes no problem.  If you prefer to use P.M or e-mail instead of the web site form please do so.

I only need dates, Area, boat names and crew names to boats.

If you wish I will list them all as before.
Dek (Dek’s Armada)

Kind Regards

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djbsom    -- Feb-4-2015 @ 8:10 AM
  Hi Dek.
We have also booked for that week and we're sure to see you at some point, the broads aren't too busy in April. We're picking up Silver Emblem from ferry marine in horning and If we see you we'll be sure to wave.
Dave and Lesley.  

boat-mad    -- Feb-4-2015 @ 1:35 PM
  Dek hi,

I must have had a senior moment dunce I just realised that you provided all of the crew's details on your original post.

I have now added all of your holiday details to the "who is on the river" list on my web site.

Kind Regards

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