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Hylander    -- Mar-5-2013 @ 7:42 AM
  I generally go by the Tide Tables posted at the bottom of this page for crossing Breydon and general tides.   Looking at the BA tides tables, they don't match up.  Does anyone else use the Table on here as against the BA table.   I know that you have to add +1 hr for Gt Yarmouth and then slack is an hour later but I think they are still adrift.    May be it is just the way I am reading it.    Which are the correct tables to follow.

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boat-mad    -- Mar-5-2013 @ 8:14 AM
I always use the table that is shown below as it goes further into the future than BA.  They seem to differ by only a few mins.   BA table shows low water at Gorleston which they state you have to add on 1 hour for Yarmouth Yacht station. I looked at an example today BA table low water 08:12 at Gorleston so 09:12 Yarmouth Y.S.  Forum tide table link shows low water Yarmouth Y.S as 09:09.
Hope this helps.

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Hylander    -- Mar-5-2013 @ 8:21 AM
  Thank you ,   I had been looking at as an example this week and yes you are right a few minutes , sometimes 25 minutes out.    I do think the Forum's Tide Tables cannot be beaten as it shows most places, together if needed slack water for Breydon and is an essential for everyone to have to hand so print out before your holidays.

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Steve51    -- Mar-5-2013 @ 4:04 PM
  I always use the ones linked to the forum. Perhaps I'm just lazy, but they are such a doddle to use, no calculation needed.

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nandtatno2    -- Mar-5-2013 @ 10:18 PM
  If you are interested I have taken the tide tables from the link below, with Paul's permission, and built them into an iCal / CalDav calendar. This means that I have the tide tables in my diary on my phone / pc etc whereever I want, and without needing internet access all the time once synched to the phone.

The calendar works up to the end of 2014 (like Paul's tide tables) and you can pick a primary location which appears as the appointment title. The appointment content lists the times for the rest of the locations.

Links / details here



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daz3210    -- Mar-6-2013 @ 9:57 AM
  As a matter of interest, when does high water slack occur at Yarmouth? Is it an hour after predicted high water, or some other time?

ranworthbreeze    -- Mar-6-2013 @ 1:13 PM
  The tide tables at the bottom of the page are great with regards to the time and are suitable for lower craft. We need above 9ft 8inch at Yarmouth and even though the BA tide tables only show around a months results they do give the the predicted tide level at low water. We use this to calculate our passage through Yarmouth.


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