Topic: xmas / new year hire?

itsallgonepetet    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 4:41 PM
  I've been a long time watcher / admirer of the forum, plucked up courage to join and ask something, be kind....

My wife has had some life changing news not for the good and wishes to spend a few days afloat before going in for surgery her wish her dream, I would love to make her dreams come true, we've holidayed on the broads 10-20 times in the last few years (we love it)

Any suggestions just need some time out in her little piece of heaven...

TerryTibbs    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 6:53 PM
  Sorry to hear of your bad news, I hope all works out
well in the end. There are a couple of companies that
do hire this time of year and I'm sure some one will be
along shortly to give you the names.Try this link

good Luck


if it is to be it is up to me!

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Steve51    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 7:06 PM
  A quick search reveals these at Faircraft Loynes.

A more thorough search may turn up others. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

Steve. CM1

Perfectlady9    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 7:08 PM
  There was a Norfolk Broads Direct boat on the Staithe at Horning this morning so they must still be hiring.

Been surprised how many boats have been around over Christmas.


itsallgonepetet    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 10:20 PM
  Thanks all Smile  

Thought woods hired they don't,

emailed freedom? Maybe?

Ludham bridge boatyard??


jaguar    -- Dec-27-2012 @ 11:01 PM
  try Jason at ludham bridge boatyard tel 01692 631011

or john at whispering reeds tel 01692 598314,

both places do small boats all year as far as i know


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