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sadie    -- Apr-14-2012 @ 8:02 AM

     on most boats there is nowhere to store and keep safe your tackle [fishing] so it gets left allover gangways sparerooms ect, even in the open on deck. over the last few year been on amber gem/gold gem/magic gem/ richardsons. all these boats have had the engines moved from rear to centre of boat leaveing a large covered hatch at rear of boat where it is possable to store your gear.
   i can put in 2 baskets 2 folding chairs 2 6ft rodbags all my nets ect, it makes for a safer week or so plus tackle is not on display for any lightfingered passerby.I think the space is abount 10ft long 3ft6 wide 2ft6 to 3ft deep.there has to be more boats about like this i am suprized that they do not addverise this on the richardsons site maybe they will.
        9 weeks to go will it ever pass

millerman    -- Apr-14-2012 @ 8:55 AM
  Why should Richo's advertise this fact to all and sundry.That way the light fingered members of our community would then be as wise as those who are aware of this storage area. Perhaps the boatyard could inform those with tackle of this fact when they are loading up.
Losing tackle can be very expensive these days, even the smallest replacement seems to cost a fortune.

sadie    -- Apr-14-2012 @ 10:08 AM
      morning millerman
on my next vist to the boatyard i wiil suggest that they put a locking device on this hatch then all will be safe.Im sure if all the fisherman on this site did the same then we would get it
     john @ di

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