Topic: Boat yards at Xmas

Taz    -- Nov-23-2004 @ 8:15 PM
  Hi all,

Do any of you know if any of the boat yards are open for viewings for the week following boxing day?

We want to spend a few days up on the Broads choosing a boat for next year & thought we would pop up over the Xmas week.


Taz    -- Nov-23-2004 @ 8:26 PM
  Main yard I want to visit is 'Sherbert Woods' I know they hire out over Xmas so I'm hoping their sales office will be open.
Try Herbert Woods. cheers roya.

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shakespeare    -- Nov-24-2004 @ 8:30 AM
  Royalls and Moonfleet are worth looking over and have boats out at that time of year. Wood's Dyke also.

Suggest phoning first to ensure someone will be there to meet you.


roya    -- Nov-24-2004 @ 3:41 PM
  HI All i just wish we had hired a 12 berth boat for XMAS so you all could come an had a day or two it is so special to be together on a boat .cheers for now.

you are welcome on our two berth  could be interesting

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Taz    -- Nov-24-2004 @ 9:52 PM
  roya, thanks for the edit mate, but as I have a boat every year I did know its was Herbert Woods not Sherbert Woods ;-)

It was a liitle joke... ;-)

roya    -- Nov-25-2004 @ 2:11 AM
  Hi Mason great stuff, i enjoyed the play on words,hope you are all well,the way this site is going i think we may have to hire the Q E 2 and moor it at Wroxham for a get together.cheers for now


Foxy    -- Nov-25-2004 @ 1:38 PM
  Has anyone been on a yacht at xmas

Richard    -- Nov-25-2004 @ 10:23 PM
  On a Yacht ? once, just once. I've never been so cold in my life. This was many years ago on a small yach from Woods, can't remeber the name but it was a two berth (for people under 4' and less than 7 stone).

It was supposed to be a romantic long weekend for my girlfriend and I. Needless to say I quickly became an ex-boyfriend.

On the other hand the heating systems that NBYco have on their Palace Class work very well, and I should imagine they would be comfy in a blizzard.

Taz    -- Dec-4-2004 @ 6:27 PM
  After a few calls around, Wroxham is the only yard open for viewing at Xmas and that only on 2 odd days.

Shame, as I wont get to see the Broads at Xmas this year. Frown

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