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JonS1959    -- Mar-28-2011 @ 8:05 AM
  Now that the traumatic venture that is buying a boat from a brokerage is, all bar the shouting and the transfer of an embarrassing amount of money, almost over my mind is drifting to the sticky subject of information about the Broads. I would think there are some pretty definitive guides to the Broads out there, however as the object of not only my but also (luckily) my 'better half’s' desires is tragically shower-less it might be wise to find out the public amenities available. So my quest is to find the best definitive guide. Now I appreciate that the criteria for this may be a) a good read with a twist in the ending, b) the location of various hop'py beverages and the shortest route between them c) the moorings with the approved Broads Authority masseuse (male or female depending). But given all the possible selections what do YOU consider to be the best.

Any help is appreciated.

VetChugger    -- Mar-28-2011 @ 9:23 AM
  I personally favour the Hamiltons Guide but it is becoming dated. There seemed to be a chance of this being updated and published again at one time but this has gone quiet. Its still very good for basic information and has some good maps included. Occasionally appear on Ebay.
However, this very site has produced an excellent guide which you can either purchase or be a "tightwad" and download for free!


Strowager    -- Mar-28-2011 @ 11:01 AM
  The Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association's Green Book contains a lot of very useful information (though no maps).  It's sent free to members, with membership costing only £5 a year.

They have it online as well, at

I find the best all-round map to be the Ordnance Survey OL40  (not to be confused with their lesser scale 134 landranger).

It shows the whole of the Broads area on two sides with excellent detail.

Hamilton's certainly used to be the best, but is sadly now very outdated, especially with all of the recent flood prevention changes that make it's detail about moorings pretty useless now.  Frown  

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