Topic: Whispering Reeds holiday chalet and FB Wilds house

Spenchgb    -- Oct-16-2009 @ 7:23 PM
  Hello everyone
I'm new to this forum but have been visiting the Broads for a number of years.
I have an interest in Horning, specifically history and pictures of F B Wilds' house, which is now in disrepair. I can only seem to find one photo on the F B Wilds site. The boatyard belongs to Le Boat now but the house looks in a sorry state.
Also I've stayed at Whispering Reeds holiday chalet a couple of times, this is at the far end of the village near JB Boatyard. It's part of an arc of chalets which look as if they were part of a communal holiday park at one point. Does anyone know when they were built and where I might find old photos of these houses?
Hope someone can help!

AdnamsGirl    -- Oct-16-2009 @ 8:46 PM

Since your email earlier I have done a bit of searching through what information I have. In the mid 1980s that site was shown as being the home of the Burehaven Motel which also had the Partners Restaurant on site. I don't know the chalets, and don't know if they formed part of the motel or were built afterwards.

I'm quite intrigued by what the Burehaven Motel was ???

Hopefully, someone on here will know. And hopefully Dan will come up trumps with pictures of Frank Wilds house in its prime ... I did find the disc, but didn't find the picture I am sure I have seen somewhere before!

Welcome to the forum by the way!!

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DanHorner    -- Oct-16-2009 @ 9:14 PM
  Hi There

Tomorrow I will try and find a picture or two of the bungalow in it's prime, it does look in a poor state of repair now doesn't it.

The site is home to the Le Boat hirefleet, though the site is still owned by Richardsons and they do also have some private moorings based there too.

It's nice to see the place with a busy, and large hirefleet in it again - it just doesn't look right to me any other way!

All the best

Dan (My website on the Caribbean bathtub!) (My General Boating Website)

DAYTONA-BILL    -- Oct-16-2009 @ 9:50 PM
  Hi all, i remember seing a picture in the Hoseasons brochure in the late 70s early 80s of a Bermuda class moored in the entrance dyke to Wilds boatyardnext to the house, and the lawns in the picture were immaculately cut, and the whole site looked immaculately turned out. Go down there now and it`s a completely different story, what a tragedy. Regards to all............. Nei.

I`m a regular visitor to the Broads and have been cruising them man and boy since i was 11 and am now closing 50 (too quickly). I love the broads and am aiming to semi retire in about 10 years up there. Guess you could call me the broads junkie.

DanHorner    -- Oct-17-2009 @ 8:58 AM
  I've had a hunt... I dont seem to have any of the back (riverside) view of the bungalow in it's prime.

However, here is a view of the front.  Recently this could not be seen, but a lot of the trees etc have now been cut back and you can see it again.

Pic 1... back in the day.. (My website on the Caribbean bathtub!) (My General Boating Website)

DanHorner    -- Oct-17-2009 @ 9:01 AM
  Pic 2... (My website on the Caribbean bathtub!) (My General Boating Website)

DanHorner    -- Oct-17-2009 @ 9:04 AM
  ..and a similar shot taken two weeks ago, once again you can now see the front view of the house... looking rather sorry for itself (My website on the Caribbean bathtub!) (My General Boating Website)

DanHorner    -- Oct-17-2009 @ 9:06 AM
  Final one - the riverside view of the house, taken in 2006.  This looks to be further overgrown today

Further details on the history of the site can be found on my website at

I'm always keen to hear from people and add any pictures from the time etc that you might have

Dan (My website on the Caribbean bathtub!) (My General Boating Website)

billmaxted    -- Oct-17-2009 @ 9:50 AM
  Burehaven was the old Chumbley and Hawks yard (?sp.) which had some houseboats when they were hiring.  When they got rid of the fleet the group of cottages were built and the old houseboats were replaced by floating log cabins.

Bill...(The Ancient Mardler)

springsong    -- Oct-18-2009 @ 9:40 AM
  The restaurant on the end was Nandos before it became Partners. Nando now has the pub in Catfield the Crown I think it is, well worth a visit he is an excellant chef.


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Spenchgb    -- Oct-25-2009 @ 6:25 PM
  Wow thanks everyone for your help - I also contacted a few folk via email and have found out some really interesting stuff. Craig Slawson of gave me some good info on the chalets - he says they used to have a heated swimming pool outside (my dogs would have loved that) and that they could see right over to the main river before the other houses were built. I'm also informed that the restaurant was originally called Vandykes and this was where the small chalets are overlooking the JB Boatyard dyke today.  

And now I have some info on the Woods Dyke house too, so thans, what else can I pick your brains about???

webntweb    -- Apr-3-2022 @ 8:00 PM
  I remember the restaurant being called Nandos when we moored outside it in 1981.
I have just found an advertisement in a Blakes 1986 holiday guide for a restaurant on Lower Street, overlooking the river, with the name Chumlies - seems too much of a coincidence not to be the same place.

millerman    -- Apr-4-2022 @ 8:13 AM
  About the mid 1980's I hired a cruiser from Chumley & Hawke. At the time, one of the hire companies had some house boats, 3 small cottages & 2 houses for rent.
The house boats were sold off, and I believe they are the ones currently moored at Wayford Bridge. The 3 small cottages, were also sold off, knocked into one and this then became a restaurant. Could this be the "Chumlies" referred to?

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