Topic: Broadsedge Marina

Hylander    -- Nov-17-2007 @ 9:01 AM
  Popped up to Broadsedge in the week and was so pleased to see how David and team had looked after the boats during the 'surge'.    He had been round and dropped all the mud weights to protect the boats and the landings between the boats.   He had also freed up a lot of boats that had been tied far too tightly.    To show how the water came up and then went down again several items had been washed up with the tide and left stranded.   We saw several brooms and mops floating having blown from the boats.   The tarpaulin on 'Sapphire' is no longer and is probably in Wroxham by now.  The wind itself must have been pretty hairy.    What peace of mind to know that they are looking after us all up there.

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