Topic: New Broads Booking Company

Richard    -- Aug-23-2004 @ 11:16 AM
  Rumors are going around that there will be another booking company next year to compete with Blakes and Hoseasons - what have you heard ?

billmaxted    -- Mar-11-2005 @ 2:44 AM
  I gather from James that easyrouteholidays are booking for Crown Blueline in Scotland and Ireland as well as goboating / Moores. so will have 205 boats on offer. It does not quite seem there yet because when I did a search it told me there was no availability for December 1999 Question He clearly is actively looking for more yards and I would not be suprised to see Richardsons and/or Brinkcraft appearing. Where they also to 'capture' Broads Tours /Funnell group that really would see massive changes in the status Quo. If he could pick up the Crown Blue line French business as well I guess they would be preminent

I'm not suprised she didn't steer very well if you havn't lifted the mudweight all week.   Bill...

Richard    -- Mar-11-2005 @ 4:36 AM
  Bill, as you are a yard owner would you like to tell us all which yard you own?

roya    -- Mar-11-2005 @ 9:12 AM
slightly off thread but anyone who posts the ton in the first month has to buy the whole site a drink
bit like a hole in one.
im watching and counting
cheers for now.


Richard    -- Mar-11-2005 @ 9:15 AM
  lets see 150 members, at a pint a head, hmmmm

smbruce    -- Mar-11-2005 @ 10:54 AM
Bill, as you are a yard owner would you like to tell us all which yard you own?

Can I have a guess? I think the words "Riverine" and "Loddon" are relevant.  Wink


Richard    -- Mar-13-2005 @ 7:44 AM
  think you might be correct their .... Smile

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