Topic: Road signs in the Norfolk Broads could be displaye

steve    -- Mar-7-2016 @ 4:11 PM
  Hi all
Road signs across Norfolk could be displayed in Chinese in future to help drive more visitors to the area

steve and vicky

dannyboy    -- Mar-7-2016 @ 5:47 PM
  Mr Hanson would do better to explain to our foreign guests that The Broads are not a National Park...  Mad

Beyond that comment, I am confident that this is not going to happen... The local authorities and Highways struggle to maintain the signs we already have, in English. Not to mention the road surfaces etc.


millerman    -- Mar-7-2016 @ 8:42 PM
  As someone who doesn't own a Sat Nav, but uses the old style road map, it would help if councils up & down the country were to cut back some of the roadside foliage so that the current signs are visible.
This would appear to have been neglected in recent times due to cutbacks.
Things are reasonable at the moment but will be much worse before long as the bushes start to grow again.

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