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Richard    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 4:02 AM
  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I'll be taking a short vacation from the land of Bushism's to visit the Broads.

It now appears that Bonnie's oldest and closest friends Nita is thinking about joining us for the trip.

She's one of those tree hugging anoraks big into flora and fauna, and furry woodland creatures, and I'm sure she would love to know what to expect, as Oregon has similar conditions to the UK. I'm useless to ask as my usual reponse is "it tastes like chicken".

Any thoughts ?

billmaxted    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 5:48 AM
  Well now, she might be in for a bit of a shock considering that her initiation to British fauna is likely to be to meet a herd of ‘Homo Boatica Vulgaris’ but having overcome that baptism of fire there will be various waders and the odd pair of boots on the way down to Gt. Yarmouth and across Breydon Water. We do have a seal in residence again close to the Golden Galleon. Maybe the presence of an ex war ship makes him think he’s a S.E.A.L. If you stop at Rockland St Mary’s maybe you ‘otter’ take a walk to the bird hide should be plenty of Butterflies and Damson flies. Stop at Bramerton Woods End and whilst others are seeing if they can contrive to get stuck under the Southern Bypass fly-over she could take a walk round Surlingham Church Marsh Nature Reserve. Back north The primroses in the Fairhaven gardens should be in full flower at the Fairhaven gardens South Walsham.

I could have sworn the book said turn right at the yellow marker at Yarmouth. I think that was coming the other way! Bill...

Richard    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 6:02 AM
  shouldn't that be Homo Nutica Vulgaris Extremis Semi Erectus ? Wink

billmaxted    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 6:10 AM
  My version alludes to Icenni connections Blush  as well

I could have sworn the book said turn right at the yellow marker at Yarmouth. I think that was coming the other way! Bill...

Richard    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 7:07 AM
  but wouldn't the Iceni have been more saily that stinky, having pegged out about 2000 years ago.

Although this could have due to the cult waiting for the flood abaitment project to complete, or the lack of low cost fueloil, this could be an 8 part bbc series Smile  

billmaxted    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 7:28 AM
  Well there would not have been running hot and cold in those day so I'm not so sure Scared

I could have sworn the book said turn right at the yellow marker at Yarmouth. I think that was coming the other way! Bill...

Poppy    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 1:23 PM
  She could always come to see my farmer's !

Will you please send a man to look at my water, it is a funny colour and not fit to drink.


poppy please

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billmaxted    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 1:32 PM
  Now now Poppy,although actually Anglian Water are cleaning all our Pipes on Monday and have warned of strange coloured 'emissions'

Well you said, "Aim for the green post!" Bill...

Captain-Joshie    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 2:53 PM
Kingfisher are about and are fantastic. Bank holiday weekend we even saw an Owl. The young geese, ducks, coots, swans always bring out the oowwss and aaaahhs. We have our family of Egyptian geesse back again, this year with 5 young at the moment. I even forgive them the mountain of pooh they leave by the boat. Playful Wink  Whatever else she should appreciate the natural beauty of the broads. The wildlife at the site meeting may however be just a bit much to take  Evil Grin


Kind regards, John & Jo.

billmaxted    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 3:51 PM
  It would seem that there are good numbers of swallowtails about this year the Ted Ellis trust it seems has a lot more than usual so I suspect that surlingham has quite a few would mean mooring somewhere like Surlingham Ferry House to make an easy walk and I suspose someone would have to stay behind and mind the boat. Quite what they might do whilst the others enjoyed themselves I'm not really sure Playful

Well you said, "Aim for the green post!" Bill...

bonniescal    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 4:38 PM
  I'm sure that Nita will appreciate that you have pointed out that she is the "oldest", Richard.  Being as it's true! I think she'll be more interested in the pubs than the grubs.

BOF2    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 4:53 PM
You're suggesting that the Kingfisher (Stalham), Grebe (Stalham), Swan (Horning), Fur & Feaather (Woodbastwick) will capture her interest more than the real thing?

BOF - Clive

bonniescal    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 5:42 PM
  I do believe that is exactly what I'm

nita    -- Jun-17-2005 @ 9:18 PM
  Well, it is true, I am older than Bonnie by a "few" months, however I don't look it!

the results are in!  I'm headed to the Broads and all it's trappings!  Including pubs, grubs, and "friends".

I too will have my picture taken on the Broads and have it updated to my profile here  on the message board.  I'm really not that "young" girl in the cap and gown graduating from high school!

Looking forward to meeting all of you. From the great and wet state of Oregon..  ciao!  Nita

Ciao, Nita

Dibbler    -- Jun-18-2005 @ 6:33 AM
  Welcome to the nuthouse, nita!



nita    -- Jun-20-2005 @ 4:02 PM
  I'm honored to be part of the nut house!  We'll see if it really is that nutty!

This time next week, I'll be on the Broads!  WOW!

See you then.  Nita

Ciao, Nita

Richard    -- Jun-21-2005 @ 12:25 AM
  and I've just realised, I'll be the token Brit on the boat !

BOF2    -- Jun-21-2005 @ 9:13 AM
  And the only male with all limbs operational? Is the rond hook hammer still affixed?

BOF - Clive

Richard    -- Jun-21-2005 @ 9:17 AM
  yep Chris will save me, but he's getting a bit upset as I'm trying to drill some pilot holes in the cast so as I can mount a bottle opener - darned kids!

bonniescal    -- Jun-21-2005 @ 4:26 PM
  Well done, Richard.  It only took you 5 days to work that out.  We'll need to fly the Stars and Stripes as the majority is of that nationality.

Or are we to go with "being Canadian" still? eh?

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nita    -- Jun-21-2005 @ 11:36 PM
  Hey Richard,

Look at it this way Richard.. you have a British accent and although we have no accent, our relatives are from Britain.  Carns is certainly British. Wornom is too!  Not too mention the Scot in both Bonnie and I!  So, in actuallity, there are no Native US'ers going to the Broads next week.  Although, my Mom did have native blood in her.. I'm not thinking it got to me!

Oh, won't we have a blast!  

got my handy dandy boat shoes!  I'm not slipping in Portland today, so I'm thinking I'll be stuck to the deck on the Broads!

Ciao, Nita

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