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Dave_Beard    -- Jul-12-2020 @ 9:10 AM
  Your advice please i am going to get a Windlass fitted for the dreaded mud weight but i am not sure which would be the best boat yard to get a quote from. I'm based near Stalham, your thoughts will be much appreciated.


Dave Beard

ruby    -- Jul-12-2020 @ 9:23 AM
  Not a recommendation as such but my comment would be to look out for some boats fitted with the windlass you are thinking of getting and ask the owner about their experience .

A real customer piece of feedback is worth ten bits of armchair advice  and in my experience most owners are more than pleased to share their experience warts and all.


ruby    -- Jul-12-2020 @ 9:55 AM
  For example mine was installed by a very well known and regarded yard. It was a good quality bit of kit and the installation and wiring was professionally done including creating a chain locker in the bow which had not been needed before .

However they decided to install the control for the windlass at a convenient point aesthetically and wiring wise which means that to use it you have to sit at the wheel at which point the windlass and chain feed becomes invisible .

The end result is that I need someone else to tell me when to stop the windlass, not a great problem I admit but I wish the yard had paid a bit more attention to the practicality of use at the time.


Calixte    -- Jul-12-2020 @ 4:30 PM
  "Hi" have had work carried out by all of the following and was very happy with the end results " Cox's" on Barton Broad - George @ Ludham Bridge - Graham @ Ferry marina or Sunny @ Boulters Horning.
Good luck with getting your quotes in. Smile

Kindest Regards Mike

annville    -- Jul-13-2020 @ 10:16 AM
  Hi David I would surjest that you have the control at the helm position you dont need to see the windlass as you will hear when the weight hits the bottom by the change in sound this then will enable you to drop the weight when stern mooring before you contact the bank, if you have the control at the front you will need a water proof switch which will be bigger and a lot more expensive, you may need to have some one looking when retrieving it how ever. I would also surjest that you run it from the engine battery rather then a dedicated one at the bow the difference in cost is not much more and a lot easier to fit/wire with out any maintenance and replacement of the battery periodically, you can also use a bigger mud weight to hold better with out the possible back also might want to leave the weight just in the water to clean it prier to shipping it when leaving the mooring to clean the mud from it. John

ruby    -- Jul-13-2020 @ 12:55 PM

I should have made it clear it's the retrieval I have an issue with. If you can't see the chain you can't tell when it is about to crash into the stem roller. Mounting the switch six inches higher would have solved the issue .

I agree with the using existing battery and having the switch near the wheel comments

Jean&Brian    -- Jul-13-2020 @ 1:42 PM
  We had ours done by Sunny at Boulters along with electrified canopy and various other improvements, have always been more than satisfied.


Dave_Beard    -- Jul-16-2020 @ 4:10 PM
  Thank you to all of you that replied i got two quotes one from Cox's and the other from Sutton Staithe Boatyard i went with Rob (STB) as he gave me a fully written quote itemised and broken down and Coxs just phoned me with a rough quote, both were about the same price.


Dave Beard

Dzign    -- Jul-17-2020 @ 8:37 AM
  I've had two stern thrusters fitted by Simpsons very helpful and top quality work would use them again.


Dzign    -- Jul-17-2020 @ 8:38 AM
  I should add on different boats before some smart a*se mentions it lol


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