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Helmsman1946    -- Aug-2-2018 @ 2:29 PM
  There are no bookings available for the above for the rest of this season or next - any ideas?
All dates showing booked still at 9.30pm 02/08/18


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steve    -- Aug-2-2018 @ 2:39 PM
  There last entry on there Facebook page was July 21 2018 , with a rnli , staff training day ,

steve and vicky
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martinward    -- Aug-2-2018 @ 2:42 PM
  If you look at Waterways Holidays website, they are all on there !

Martin W.

Spider    -- Aug-2-2018 @ 3:07 PM
  The company's own website booking system works fine for me, plenty of availability on a couple of test dates.

Nigel    -- Aug-4-2018 @ 4:22 PM
  Hi Peter
There is very little availability left for The Broads Boating Co for August except a couple of short breaks but there are still some full weeks and short breaks available for September '18. We have also just published the 2019 prices.


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LEECHY41171    -- Feb-10-2019 @ 3:48 PM
  Do Waterways Holidays not act for Broads Boating Anymore??

I must be posh because i always holiday with the Royalls...

steve    -- Feb-10-2019 @ 5:59 PM
  Funny you should mention these , all has gone quiet on Facebook from these , hope they haven't gone ?

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

Helmsman1946    -- Feb-10-2019 @ 7:32 PM
  Looks like Waterways Holidays have picked up Waveney River Centre's cruisers insted


LEECHY41171    -- Feb-10-2019 @ 7:41 PM
  Hope not. Were booked to go in July.

steve    -- Feb-10-2019 @ 8:59 PM
  Having a look around to find out more , the person who was taking photographs of there boats and posting up information on there Facebook page , now posts up photos and updates on bridgecraft acle , Facebook page , the last posting on the broads boating co page was back in July last year , nothing since , but there website is up and running and show weeks available on there craft for 2019

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

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Lynsey1983    -- Feb-11-2019 @ 12:22 PM
  I have to say and this is probably just me but I did find there website really confusing, you click on the header for boats, ok, there are the boats, from what I can see only 3, am I right? then trying to find the booking availability calendar, who knew you had to use the separate little inner scroll bar thingy lol doh    Smile I never professed to being the brightest.


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Mercator    -- Feb-11-2019 @ 2:39 PM
  'Afternoon, LEECHY41171 - PM sent.


Steve & Maggie

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Karen&Mike    -- Feb-11-2019 @ 5:59 PM
  You booking a boat for this year Lyns?!

Let us know if you get anything sorted and we will  try to be around. (we'll have to tell GM too of course ...  Playful Wink  )

K x

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colingy    -- Feb-12-2019 @ 9:21 AM
  Hi Lyns
When you go on the boat page, under the pictures to the left and right of the screen are little grey squares with a white arrow in. If you click here you can access a the fleet pictures.
Colin xx

Lynsey1983    -- Feb-12-2019 @ 9:27 AM
  Hiya, yeah we hope to be, I have already got a list off JM as to what weeks/weekends they plan to be afloat, think they are trying to organise the Sept do again, was so much fun last year wasn't it lol


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Karen&Mike    -- Feb-13-2019 @ 2:29 PM
  Fab, I will be ready to consult my diary as soon as !  Wink  

Yes last September was fun and a good turn out for the old boy  Playful Wink  

Look forward to seeing you both,


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uitmis    -- Apr-17-2019 @ 5:27 AM
  Nice to see that this company is doing so well that three  highly favourable reviews all posted yesterday, have appeared overnight on their Facebook page. Obviously the photos of their boats out of the water at Acle are misleading.

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steve    -- Apr-17-2019 @ 5:28 PM
  Must be doing ok , I note that there season starts this weekend , boats are all now  back in the water and today unveiled there new livery ,

steve and vicky
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Craig    -- May-27-2019 @ 8:46 PM
  Anyone know what is happening with the Broads Boating Company? At least 5 of their fleet appear to be for sale at NYA


steve    -- May-28-2019 @ 5:34 AM
  Hi Craig ,
Well there still going according to there Facebook page and been recently advertising on there ,

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

colingy    -- May-28-2019 @ 5:51 AM
  Reading somewhere the other day that they have reduced their fleet to three boats.
They are apparently going to concentrate on building new boats.

Karen&Mike    -- May-28-2019 @ 10:27 AM
  But were  these boats available for booking earlier this year? Hope there wasn't  bookings already made, as it doesn't say available at the end of the season, they are at NYA sales pontoons now! I noted Surlingham, Rockland, Martham and Oulton up for sale ( daft names imho!)

Seems rather a swift change of tack, so to speak, for a pretty new hire company. I'm aware of the new boat building enterprise and the staff they took from Oyster, so maybe it's a case of opportunity arose and they took it, but seems odd to drop the other boats that they had spent money on, after only , what - 2 seasons? Maybe 3. I shall watch with interest...


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garryn    -- May-29-2019 @ 10:00 AM
  Walsham is also up for sale at NYA.


Karen&Mike    -- May-29-2019 @ 6:14 PM
  An even dafter name !

Don't know how I missed that one, lol


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martinward    -- May-30-2019 @ 7:46 AM
  I can think of far worse names for boats ! There is a Hampton Safari for sale with N Y A  at the moment that has the wonderful name of Passing Wind !!

Martin W.

Steve51    -- May-30-2019 @ 8:07 AM
  Also at the same location, an Alpha 29 called Moist Beaver 111.  Scared

Steve. CM1 and NR12

Karen&Mike    -- May-30-2019 @ 9:14 AM
  Yeah I've seen those ! Eeeek.

But both are private boats, where strange names are often seen.

My comment was really in relation to hire boats being named after actual locations on The Broads, which could result in some confusion, especially in an emergency situation  for example - "what boat and where are you? " " We are on Surlingham" , or worse, we are on Oulton on Surlingham". In a panicky situation with a dodgy phone signal this could cause a problem. New or infrequent holidaymakers may not even realise that their boat carries the same name as a location. Surely a business could have come up with something a little more dynamic, and with no chance of confusion!

Just my opinion of course...


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Marshman    -- May-30-2019 @ 10:54 AM
  The Coastguards should cope with that and for that reason all emergency calls should be directed through them - do not even bother totalk to the Ambulance service as all they want is a post code!!

oggdog    -- Jun-16-2019 @ 7:02 PM
  Bookings are with ANB now

Helmsman1946    -- Jun-17-2019 @ 5:09 AM
Takes you to Airbnb


uitmis    -- Mar-11-2020 @ 5:39 AM
  I see from Companies House that the Broads Boating Company is no more

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