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sherlock    -- Feb-8-2009 @ 8:35 PM
  Does anyone remember Easticks of Acle ?. Back in 1952 my friend and I travelled overnight by bus from Lancashire for a weeks holiday on a forward drive two berth boat named "Vega". We had a great time and have many fond memories but Easticks seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Did they go bust or were they absorbed by another outfit?


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Allan Holmes

middlin    -- Feb-8-2009 @ 9:06 PM
  Carol (Adnams Girl) has a wonderful site if you click on this link and go to the 5th paragraph it tells of Easticks fate

You may wish to look at the rest of the site it truly is wonderful

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suew    -- Feb-8-2009 @ 10:12 PM
  Eastix sold out to a private company that got rid of the yachts, ran motor cruisers. then they finally went pop in the 90s. It is now owned by Rod Russell who had a yard at South Walsham. I know cos we have moored there for many years now.

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Sue W

BroadScot    -- Feb-8-2009 @ 10:33 PM
  Wasn't the Old shed burnt to the ground? They had the 2 large cruisers Pink and White Champagne before ending up at Stalham. I think?

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springsong    -- Feb-9-2009 @ 8:17 AM
  Yes it was burnt to the ground in the early nineties springsong my old boat was in the shed being worked on and was a total loss. Dave Berry who owned the yard had a big Dutch steel cruiser on the slip, the heat was so intense it actually warped the hull.


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AdnamsGirl    -- Feb-9-2009 @ 11:15 AM

I checked by through my notes on this. The original Easticks fleet were sold off to the Caister Group in 1965 .... the information came from the 1966 edition of the "Broads Book" which had an annual round up of the previous years Broadland news. The Caister Group had undertaken a mass buy out of many fleets in 1965 and, whilst most of those remained where they were and ran under the old yard's name, the distinction was made with the Eastick's fleet which were moved to Potter Heigham and ran under the Herbert Woods name..... thus the yard and Easticks name were retained by the owner.

I don't know whether the yard and name were sold on to another buyer at this time or whether that came later, but they disappeared from the Blakes catalogue until 1969 when the Easticks yard returned with just 1 class of motor cruiser listed - the brand new 8 berth "Eagle Star" 1 & 2. Over the following years more boats were added to their fleet again.

Welcome to the forum Allan - as a blast from the past for you, here is the entry for "Vega" from Blakes 1952 brochure....

An Archive Of The Golden Era Of Boating On The Norfolk & Suffolk Broads

johnboy    -- Feb-22-2009 @ 10:38 PM
  Welcome Alan, I remember Easticks Yacht Station very well. My first Broads holiday was as a youngster on Gypsy Maid second ( B141 as I remembere) in May of 1955. She was the cheapest boat available at £15 for the week, but , to me, she was a dream come true! I remember Vega being too expensive for us! Gypsy Maid second was a mere 23 ft by about 8ft 6ins but she was a classic. I remember that the flagship of Easticks at the time was Royal Oak at 42 ft as I remember, a real beauty, butb way beyond our means at the time.

Cheers, Johnboy

BOATERS    -- Feb-23-2009 @ 10:44 PM
  We had a couple of friends Flo and Bill Shaw who got us into boating in the early eighties ,they used to boat from Easter to October and I believe came from Stoke .The last time we met up they were moored almost all summer in the entrance to the dyke and helped on turn round days in return for the moorings .We used to write but lost touch.Does any one else remember them or what became of this lovely couple of Broads loving boaters? Smile

Roy and Diane

Hope to see you on the river,

DAVIDH    -- Feb-24-2009 @ 8:48 AM
  I was always intrigued by the Safari lookalike boats they had on hire - I think they were Falcon class. They appeared a few years after the Safari and had the look of "a van version" of the boat - very angular moulding and as though the bow had hit a bank with it's bull nose. I can remember the Blakes brochure stating that Easticks version would go under any bridge whereas the same boat hired by Herbert Woods would not pass under Potter Heigham.



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chrismbooth    -- Feb-24-2009 @ 12:17 PM
  Reference to Easticks "Falcon",  my wifes first Broads holliday with me (who had been many times since 1953) was in October 1975, fairly last minute booking, and Blakes offered a NEW Falcon.  did look a bit plasticy but no doubt would be weather proof. Well it did not handle too badly, but condensation really poured down the windows at night time, onto sills and anything underneath,  we went to Potter Heigham, and the pilot said "Thats not bridge shape, and its not even b****y boat shape"   so we did not go to Hickling that time!.   There was a lot of draught around the sliding canopy, and the panel type heater tried our patience.  We covered a lot of the system that week, very nearly dark when we got to Oulton one evening though.   My wife says she still feels sick when she sees anything that resembles a Falcon.   (but she was pregnant at the time!)


SailingSloth    -- Feb-24-2009 @ 6:57 PM
  A little before the times you remember...

SailingSloth    -- Feb-24-2009 @ 6:59 PM
  Dave Berry went to France to run a charter fleet on the inland waterways. So far as I know he's still doing that.

SOS247    -- Feb-24-2009 @ 8:29 PM
  Growing up as a kid i used to go down at the boatyard all the time. It was always very busy.
We kept our horses on the marshes next to the boat yard. I enjoyed many late summer evenings watching the boats, the  swans (several black swans) and riding our horses. On a dark misty night, the swans used to apprear through the mist it was really peaceful but scary sometimes! Lovely memories.
And David Berry is still today in France and doing okay on boat repairs etc.  

Kindest Regards
Jason Hatch

wilfred2    -- Jan-16-2020 @ 4:35 PM
  Just came across this reference to Easticks Boatyard. I remember my first holiday on the Broads in the mid-60's on an Easticks hire boat called Ormesby Broad. A two berth white grp cruiser. Had a great time and been hooked on the broads ever since. I wonder where that boat is now.


sadie    -- Jan-16-2020 @ 5:12 PM
  about 1972 had a small boat from there called Marleen been going back ever since now got my own boat  John & Di

wilfred2    -- Dec-16-2020 @ 1:01 PM
  My first holiday on the Norfolk Broads was on a Easticks boat called Ormesby Broad. It was a white GRP aft cockpit cruiser about 26ft long, 2 berth. This would have been in the mid 60's.


MandA    -- Dec-16-2020 @ 2:29 PM
  I used to work at Jenners of Thorpe (yard next to townhouse hotel) which was part of the Caister group and we ran some of the Eastick,s fleet can’t remember  the names but large centre cockpits , the steering wheels looked like they came from a bus and were at the same angle as they would have been in a bus,they handled very well .Adrian.


tenterden    -- Dec-24-2020 @ 9:43 PM
  Our first boat was also Maraleen from Easticks in June 1973.
It had been brilliantly maintained and was a lovely looking boat.

Karen&Mike    -- Dec-25-2020 @ 11:47 AM

Was this the boat ? If so, it's not been registered on The Broads since at least 1990.


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Speleologist    -- Dec-26-2020 @ 9:06 AM
My first holiday on the Norfolk Broads was on a Easticks boat called Ormesby Broad. It was a white GRP aft cockpit cruiser about 26ft long, 2 berth. This would have been in the mid 60's.

Ormesby Broad also featured in my first visit to The Broads in 1968. I was part of a Scout sailing trip that was to become known as the SWAN expedition. As an 11 year old I was on a yacht with the senior leaders (Peggy from HW). There were about 20 yachts in the fleet and we were also accompanied by an older couple, Reg & Val, on Ormesby Broad. In those days none of the yachts had engines and Ormesby Broad was frequently involved in towing  yachts that had run aground, got left behind etc.

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